American policeman fired

Officer Alan Edwards was informed on Wednesday that his position with the Spokane Police Department would be terminated effective, March 1. Edwards was fired after he was accused of using his position as an officer of the law in order to obtain the address of a woman he had met in a bar and wanted to pursue. Edwards was allegedly off duty at the time of the incident and is accused of the misuse of police equipment and lying to another officer to get the address of a citizen, which is violation of a policy that is meant to protect their privacy. It was reported that Edwards allegedly contacted another officer and informed them he needed the information in order to follow up with an investigation into suspected theft. When Edwards appeared at the woman’s residence, he supposedly told her he was worried about her and just wanted to be sure she was safe. Shortly after the exchange the woman told him to leave and he complied. When questioned about the incident, Edwards acknowledged his participation. Chief Scott Stevens reported that Edwards termination was a difficult one because he was a friend, but his oath and duty were paramount. Criminal Law News Brought To You By