British Freelance Writer Proposes “Less Objectivity”

English freelance writer Michael Cosgrove wrote a rather convincing piece in Digital Journal recently titled “The last thing we need is objective political journalism.”

He proposes that when journalists report political news, they should declare their political opinion and then write the news with “brutal honesty” instead of trying to fake objectivity.

He opines, “It seems to me that it may be time to reevaluate the criteria that are used in political reporting and the press in general should be thinking about being more open about their editorial lines and less ‘objective.’”

He wants a “more frank and open relationship between journalists and the public.” He suggests that citizen journalists and their websites should fill the void, but citizen journalism “hasn’t done so. At least not as yet.”

Because of our focus on citizen journalism, we suggest you read the entire piece and consider Cosgrove’s arguments.

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