Pregnant Daisy's Labour plea

Chris Gaynor  

Political glamourgirl Daisy McAndrew is pleading to Labour not to call a snappy election, until after she has given birth to her second child, due in January.

The 35 year old ITN  chief pundit, who already gave birth to her first child, Milly, last year,  says she won't be chasing around the political jungle trying to snap up a story three days before the birth, like last time.

Rising star, McAndrew, said: "I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there won't be a spring election, because I'd hate to miss it."

"It's like the Olympics for me. And they only come around every four years."

Formerly a press secretary to the former Liberal Democrat leader Charlie Kennedy, she was accused in the past of wielding the knife and leaking the story that he had a problem with the booze.

Was this her first scoop on the way to becoming a kiss and tell hack?

She then made her name by co appearing on the popular daytime political programme The Daily Politics fronted by the former Sunday Times editor Andrew Neil,   a friend of media mogul Rupert   Murdoch.

McAndrew is the wife of   a Sky News  producer and lives in London.