Wannabe Mayor appoints Labour top aide

Chris Gaynor

Rebel MP Kate Hoey will 'advise' the Tory Mayor Boris Johnson on sports issues providing the charismatic former Spectator magazine editor clinches a win in the London UK mayoral elections against struggling socialist incumbent Ken Livingstone.

Speculation on why Hoey, an outspoken Labour rebel, has decided she would want to advise a Tory mayor on sport has been floating around the corridors of power.

The Vauxhall backbencher MP has agreed to serve as a non-executive Director advising Mr Johnson on sport and the Olympics.

On the Tory Party website, Johnson said: "Kate Hoey and I agree that there is much more that can be done to promote sport and to develop sporting facilities across London."

And he stressed he was determined to bring talent from across politics and the community to a new administration.

The kris-cross of Party MPs working for rivals comes as Gordon Brown wanted his new administration last year to have a government of all the talents.

Tory leader David Cameron endorsed his controversial candidate's choice by saying that Hoey was the right woman for the job.

On the Daily Politics Tv programme, Lib Dem David Laws MP said he was amused by Hoey's decision claiming that prime minister Gordon Brown's government of all the talents had backfired on him.

Former football trainer Hoey served as Sports Minister under Tony Blair.

Last year, PM Brown poached a couple of Tories, and a big beast from the Confederation of British Industry, Sir Digby Jones to serve as a minister for education and skills and regulatory reform.

According to press reports, Johnson has a 10 per cent lead in the public opinion polls against embattled Livingstone.


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Wed, 04/30/2008 - 13:35
<p>I don&#39;t think Livingstone is struggling - particularly given that it&#39;s Boris that&#39;s needing Labour support to boost his credibility! Hoey may be criticised by her party but I don&#39;t think many MPs would turn down the opportunity to make money in The City. It&#39;s not Brown that&#39;s suffering a backfire, but Hoey compromising her own standards.<br /> </p><p>I very much hope that Boris doesn&#39;t get it - he&#39;s a cartoon caricature that doesn&#39;t seem to grasp some of the most basic things, particularly in that he forgot his own book&#39;s title, giving it a different title on the dust cover to the book itself (Jottings from the Stump/Jottings on the Stump).</p><p>If Boris wins it, it&#39;ll be for the same reason that H&#39;Angus the Monkey (Stuart Drummond) won the mayoral race in my home town in Hartlepool - because people like voting for someone that mocks the system.</p><p>And besides, Livingstone has done a great job. I don&#39;t think Boris could have brought sport, or indeed bring sport to London like Ken - the Olympics, NFL, NHL and NBA were all successful during his tenure. <br /></p>