Action speaks louder than words

++++++++++++++++++++TORY MP JOHN BERCOW ELECTED SPEAKER+++++++++++++++++++++ Traditionally dragged to the chair as the 157th Speaker elect. He said he would serve the office honourably and faithfully and would cast aside his past political views. He won by 51 votes scooping 322 to runner up Sir George Young's 271 votes. Bercow was the front runner in the race from the off. Earlier on today, there had been rumours that the whips were trying to put Margaret Beckett in the chair. But Gordon gloated at the Despatch box that the electing of a Tory showed that the House was willing to change from its old ways. Brown paid tribute to Bercow, and also joked: "You said you would cast aside your political views, some would think you did that years ago." Bercow said he would ensure the House would reform. Actions speak louder than words. Let's see what happens.