Phil Simms writes: In recent years, in common with all other weblogs, religious fundamentalists and Saddam Hussein, I may have given the impression that the American people, following the election of George Bush as governor of Texas in 1995, George Bush's election to President in 2001 and his re-election in 2004, were in some way completely and utterly stupid and were about to commit yet another cataclysmic error of judgment in the mid-term elections. Headlines such as "Bush's Bitches," "This would only happen in America," and "How can so many people be so bloody stupid?" may have given the impression that I had little confidence in America and Americans. I now wholly retract all of these malicious callous and beastly remarks, and that, following the Democrats emphatic 2-0 win over George Bush's Republicans, taking control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate, and the sacking of Donald Rumsfeld as Defense Secretary, I would like to make a full and unreserved apology. I would also like to make clear that Hillary Clinton is a superhuman figure who now towers over the American political scene like a phoenix rising from the ashes, while her Democrat colleagues are scarcely less distinguished in their prodigious talent, and that at the very least, once she has become the next President, she should order the extradition of George Dubya Bush to Guantanamo Bay.