Another war by the West that will kill civilians

Sumantra Maitra

Another war looms. Just two days back, my op-ed came out in the Washington Examiner, where I said why it would be unwise to for any country to intervene in Libya.

I read a similar article this morning too, where the writer argued that intervening in Libya would be nothing short of a disaster. But it seems obvious now, that a war in Libya is just hours away.

United Nations Security Council, approved "for all use of force", which is basically a diplomatic term for bombing back to the Stone safe guard the people in Libya. It authorised to impose a No Fly Zone. Which means that Libyan air defences need to be bombed indiscriminately so that they cannot oppose any foreign military on its ground.

Now the air defence can be a battery of missiles, or can even be a single anti air craft gun on top of a civilian building. Whatever it maybe, it needs to be bombed to impose this no fly zone. Collateral Damage (the military euphemism for civilian casualties)? Well...since when did militaries cared for collateral damage anyways!

No Fly Zones helped before, you ask? Well, while having one of them imposed, Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein managed to butcher the Kurds, just with ground forces. The same happened in Bosnia and Serbia, where ultimately it was a three month long bombing campaign.

The David Cameron UK government, along with his best mate, Nick Sarkozy, of France, is sounding like the Britain and France just before the Suez invasion of 1956. The US government under Dove Obama was intitially confused, but now that the Arab League ordered a no fly zone, they proceed to "bring freedom" to Libya. Same old, same old...

Anyone know anything about the rebels? They might be Talibanistic terrorists, no? But the World didn't learn...they never learn when the West starts meddling in other people's countries.