Anti - Knife ad launched by Met

Ambitious plans by the Metropolitan Police to rid Britons' streets of knives was launched yesterday. Operation Blunt have launched two new radio adverts aimed at educating youngsters between 11 - 19 about the damaging effects of carrying a knife. 'Knife City,' a mock radio computer game also demonstrates the tragic consequences of knife crime. Adverts will be screened on MTV, Trouble, Channel U and Passion TV. Deputy Assistant Commissioner Alf Hitchcock, said: 'This campaign is a continuation of the educational work conducted by Operation Blunt and follows a three week pro active initiative across all 32 London boroughs.' 52 teenagers are victims of knife crime every week and a third of all murders are knife related. carrying a knife is against the law and Police have powers to search teenagers in and out of school if they suspect someone is carrying an offensive weapon. Possession of a knife carries a penalty of 4 years in prison. Chair of the Blunt Advisory Group, Reverend Nims Obunge, said: 'Whenever we hear a death caused by knife crime, there are scores of unreported incidents on the physical and psychological scars this crime leaves in local communities.' A new government bill, the Violent Crime Reduction bill will raise the age limit from 16 - 18 for teenagers to buy knives. Head teachers will be able to search pupils in school, and it will be an offence for people to use other people to hide guns or knives. Visit to view the 'Knife City' advert.