Activists disrupt Priti Patel speech to protest against Rwanda refugee plan


May 08, 2022

UK government unjust Rwanda refugee plan under attack


Con trick to cut aid to women and babies

This is MSNBC TV host Cenk Uygur take on Republicans in the US House of Representatives looking to cut the WIC programme which provides healthy food to low-income women and their children (while they fight to increase military spending and give t ...

Is this typical student life?

Media graduate Natalie Tetteh found this whimsical video clip on YouTube - something she could relate to.

Little man versus the state: 'March for the Alternative', 2011

More than 250,000 people attended the Trades Union Congress (TUC) 'March for the Alternative' and rally in central London yesterday against public spending cuts.Labour Party leader Ed Miliband and represenatives from a number trade unions addressed crowds ...

Sickening scenes of Russian commandos 'capturing and blowing up' a Somali pirate ship

This videotape allegedly shows Russian Navy commandos on a Somalian pirate ship shortly after the pirates had captured a Russian oil tanker. The Euro Union navy that patrols these waters would not interfere because they feared there could be casualties.All ...

Traumatised residents in Kingston, Jamaica, tell of their ordeal as police hunt down drug lord

In the Tivoli Gardens area of Jamaica's capital city - home turf of alleged drug lord Michael Christopher “Dudus” Coke and epicentre of the unrest that has gripped the Caribbean nation for the past several days - the loyalties are clear, at least from thos ...

Artwork draws attention to destruction of rain forests

Indigenous Brazilians blessed an art installation featuring giant tropical tree stumps in Trafalgar Square, London. The special work put on show in the UK is designed to symbolise the devastating effects of deforestation worldwide. Chief Tashka, of the Yaw ...
Maya Angelou: Finding My Voice

Personal tribute to Maya Angelou from a British friend

“What a woman!” “A very special lady, the original.” Since the hard-to-believe news of the death of Maya Angelou, people who did not know her personally have been sharing thoughts with me as a small measure of the connection she mad ...
Activists disrupt Priti Patel speech to protest against Rwanda refugee plan

UK government unjust Rwanda refugee plan under attack

What Mothers of Police Brutality Victims Want You to Know

Black victims of police violence: Mothers speak out