Assets from Surrey Pimp seized

A Surrey pimp has had hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of assets seized this morning after Police investigations found him profiting from illegal activities. Davy Tang was stripped of more than  £600,000 at Guildford Crown Court when investigators found he was profiting from soliciting prositutes from his London based 'Scandal Babes' escort agency business. Under the Proceeds of Crime Act, Tang, who had already pleaded guilty to charges in July of this year, was stripped of his wealth by the court after the Finacial Investigation Unit uncovered his illegal earnings from criminal activity. Finacial Investigator, Bob Scott, said: 'The Courts have powers not only to take away offenders' freedom, but also to hit them where it hurts - in their pockets.' Tang's pimping lifestyle had earned him assets such as three cars worth more than  £70,000 as well as equity in two properties, one in Danesfield Road, Woking and one in a plush area of London, Sloane Avenue. Deductions were made for 'reasonable' living expenses which made the estimated total seized  £609,027.