ATMs could be more than just cash registers

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HERE’S something that could be a useful tool in the fight against crime when there’s trouble at Banks here throughout the UK.

CCTV cameras can be an effective tool at tracking down criminals after they have committed crimes, but it is also slow and time consuming for Cops to sift through lots of CCTV footage.

But there’s talk in New York, America, of  banks installing an alert system at ATMs when trouble is just about to kick off, reports New York local press.

Entrepreneur Joe Zingher has created a system called the ATM Duress Code that would make this possible.

He is trying to get banks to install it at ATMs.

Zingher says people would pick an easy-to-remember code to punch in during an emergency and ultimately call 911.

But critics of the plan are against it, because they claim people would not remember the code that would trigger the alert.

One US Cop said that he was in favour of the idea, and he would have no trouble remembering the pin.

The code could trigger a surveillance photo. The ATM would still give cash, but wouldn't warn an assailant.

The head of the National Bankers Association, Michael Grant, said bankers would need more time to thoroughly evaluate the duress code.

He said the security elements need to be examined, as well as the cost of installation.

It looks like the US and some of its inventive entrepreneurs are moving closer and closer to a “Minority Report” way of fighting crime.

What next? Time Travel Cops?

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