Barcelona out gunned by Premiership kings

Defending Champions league champions were outgunned by the premiership kings tonight. Barcelona's lacklustre performance was down to a delighful piece of brilliance from a didier drogba goal which stunned coach Frank Rikhard's team ending in a 1-0 defeat. For 90 mins Jose Mourihno's men out performed their orange opponents, but failed to capitalise on squandered chances in the second half after the Drogba dream goal. Andre Shevchenko was underpar as he failed to live up to the expectations. Chelsea third choice goal keeper Hilario managed to keep a clean sheet for his team mates who are still shocked by Peter Czech's fractured skull injury which happened at the weekend. In light of Mourihno's comments regarding the amount of time it took ambulance men to arrive on the scene, the boys in blue managed to keep it tight at the back, where Hilario had little work to do. Although Chelsea have beaten the Defending champions, the win makes little difference to the group as Barcelona are sure to qualify for the knockout stages of the competition. Mourihno's team face an in form Portsmouth at the weekend.