BBC jumps on citizen journalism bandwagon

Britain's premier public broadcasting service has launched a bid to capitalise on citizen journalism.

The BBC's new initiative is being fronted by respected BBC reporter presenter George Alagiah whom viewers, listeners and readers are being encouraged to contact by email. In a news release, the BBC said: 'Everyday we bring you news from across the globe ... but what we want to hear are the issues that matter to you. That is why the One and Six O'clock news are teaming up with News 24 and the BBC News website to bring you Your News.'

Alagiah said:'The days when we were journalists and you sat back and watched the news are over. We want you to tell us what's important to you.' He added: 'The part you play in making the news is very important. With blogs, vlogs, mobile phones and digital cameras it is not just journalists who have a role in gathering the news. What is happening where you live? Is something significant, bizarre or unusual taking place?'

Deborah Hobson, The-Latest's contributing editor said: 'It is a great reminder of the growing importance of citizen jounalism when Britain's biggest broadcaster jumps on the bandwagon. Let's not forget that Guardian Unlimited and Channel 5 have already done the same thing.

The-Latest is at the cutting edge of a news revolution.' The BBC promises that every week they will follow up one of your suggestions so look out for us in a neighbourhood near you. Your News on BBC News 24 is the first news programme to be entirely based on emails and views sent in by the public.

The BBC says the show will be packed with stories, features and videos that have proved most popular with TV viewers and on the internet. Presenters Richard Bilton and Laura Jones are being sent out and about to report on the issues that matter to the public. The BBC urges the public to tune in to Your News everyday at 2050 BST on BBC News 24 and at 0330 and 1530 BST on Saturdays and 1030 and 2330 BST on Sundays.

Like The-Latest, the BBC asks: 'Do you have a story to tell us, what issues have caught your eye or is there something you want us to look into? Contact us using the postform below. Make sure you give us your location and contact details.Do you have any pictures you think we'd be interested in?' But, similar to what we say at The-Latest, the BBC cautions:'If you take a picture you should not endanger yourself or others, take any unnecessary risks or infringe any laws.'