BIG CASH REWARD -  'Man in The Mask'

Wanted Man II
   "Please beat me if I fail to satisfy." Those were the immortal words of the famous  'man in the mask' whose identity has been a closely guarded establishment secret ever since the biggest political scandal of 20th century Britain broke 43 years ago.
Aristocratic government minister John Profumo had to resign over his affair with call girl Christine Keeler. She was also having sex with a Soviet spy posing as the Russian naval attaché in London. It smacked of the persistent Cold War rumours that linked randy US president John F. Kennedy with Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe, a mafia boss and important Cuban communists.
Profumo was the UK's War Minister and, some commentators say, might have made prime minister if he could have kept his trousers on. The dashing minister was a socialite friend of fellow multi-millionaire nobs like Lord Astor who owned the posh country mansion, Cliveden, where upper class orgies were held with teenaged call girls like Keeler and her friend Mandy Rice Davies. That is where  'the man in the mask' made his mystery appearance.
Guests revealed that the man played the role of a  'slave' and served people nearly naked. He wore a black mask and could not be recognised by any of the guests. Rice-Davies told the US newspaper, The Washington Star:  "There was a dinner party where a naked man wearing a mask waited on table like a slave. He had to have a mask because he was so well-known." An unnamed guest said:  "As the slave handed us cocktail snacks, the guests abused and reviled him. He was obviously enjoying it. The host revealed his true identity to me. I could hardly believe it."

After married Profumo lied about his seedy liaisons with Keeler to parliament and was forced to fall on his sword, Prime Minister Harold Macmillan got top judge Lord Denning to launch an inquiry into the sordid affair. Denning concluded:  "There is a great deal of evidence that there is a group of people who hold parties in private of a perverted nature. At some of these parties, the man who serves dinner is nearly naked except for a small square lace apron round his waist such as a waitress might wear. He wears a black mask over his head with slits for eye-holes. He cannot therefore be recognised by any of the guests."

 "Some reports stop there and say that nothing evil takes place. It is done as a comic turn and no more. This may well be so at some of the parties. But at others it is followed by perverted sex orgies: the man in the mask is a  'slave' who is whipped: that guests undress and indulge in sexual intercourse one with the other: and indulge in other sexual activities of a vile and revolting nature."

Denning interviewed many VIPs, including  'the man in the mask' himself whom he said was not a politician. Nonetheless, the good judge, true to his establishment friends, refused to name him. Since then a variety of famous names have been mooted, including a very senior aristocrat.

Posh osteopath Stephen Ward, who procured young women like Keeler and Rice   Davies for his kinky rich and powerful mates, mysteriousy committed suicide after being put on trial for allegedly living off the immoral earnings of prostitutes. Yet he was rich and did not need the money. It is said, on good authority, that Ward, a regular guest at Cliveden, knew the identity of the 'man in the mask' and was about to reveal this to journalists before the British security services bumped him off, in time honoured fashion, to save the government and royal family.

The-Latest have printed an image (above) of the person who we think is 'the man in the mask'. Anyone who provides us with evidence that conclusively proves, to the satisfaction of our editors, that they know his name will immediately receive a large cash reward. CLUE: This high society cover-up is bigger than the original Profumo 'scandal' (and the 1989 film of the same name).