Why don’t journalists care about a Caribbean volcano eruption?

St Vincent and the Grenadines is going through their biggest natural disaster in the last decade and yet the mainstream media in Britain, which used to rule the country, have been quiet.

US right-wing’s 12 Years a Slave movie backlash

Within American society, there is a segment that avoids viewing the society through a lens that does not provide a comforting and disconnected view of American history and how it came into existence. This reality is no more evident than when one listens to right-wing talk radio or read commentary from those that shape that minority opinion or comments originating from their listeners and readers themselves. This segment has been highly agitated of late with the attention given films addressing America’s birth defect, chattel slavery.

Churchill: Covert warrior Mark 2

A series of recent blockbuster films have celebrated Winston Churchill as a great war leader and defender of freedom. But they have significantly failed to acknowledge in any way Churchill’s dedication to covert warfare and his complete lack of scruple in removing democratically elected governments.

Forgotten: ‘Diego’ the left-winger

By Siddy Shivdasani

On July 7, 1647, a Neapolitan fisherman’s son led a revolt in his city against oppressive taxes imposed on its traders by the Spanish rulers.

Former career criminal Tommaso Aniello came to be known as “Masaniello”, Italian for “agitator” or “revolutionary”, depending on your politics. A fruit market protest turned into a full-scale riot and the police were overwhelmed by a mob of nearly a thousand rebels, mainly street urchins.

Is Britain set for Eighties-style class war?

By Siddy Shivdasani

“Events, dear boy, events.”

That was what Tory Prime Minister (1957–1963) Harold Macmillan said to a journalist who asked what is most likely to blow governments off course.

If current incumbent Boris Johnson is the history buff he claims to be, he should have taken heed, although he’d probably expected being PM would be a jolly jape he could show off about to his ruling class old Etonian mates.

Life inside the belly of the Murdoch beast

By Siddy Shivdasani

There’s a lot I can’t say.

But I think Rupert Murdoch once complained about my (check) shirt.

I don’t know exactly how it came to be that I ended up in 1999 as a sub-editor at the spiritual heart of his empire: the now defunct News of the World.

I came directly from being the editor of Eastern Eye, which was then a British-Asian red-top in many ways modelled on The Sun, though not the politics or with the tits.

‘Why I left the Labour Party’

By Siddy Shivdasani

I have voted Labour my entire adult life and I don’t see that changing in the foreseeable future.

But despite describing my mixed race self as “politically black”, I only joined the party for the first time in 2017.

Rewind to March 1990, aged 17, I was working as a projectionist at The Ritzy cinema in Brixton, south London, when a demo against Thatcher’s loathed “poll tax” drew a crowd of thousands across the road, outside Lambeth Town Hall.

When do you tell your kids about racism?

By Siddy Shivdasani

I was always going to have a mixed race child because I am mixed race.

My daughter is nearly nine years old and I’d always thought shielding my child from the concept of racism should be for as long as possible. But I’m starting to question that.

I have a complicated relationship with my racial make-up because, although I’m half Indian and half English, most think I look white.

Nitty gritty reality of mental illness stigma

By Siddy Shivdasani

Mental illness stigma is being discussed more and more and I was trying to work out exactly how it manifests itself in my life as someone who has been sectioned three times.

We rarely hear about it from the sufferer’s point of view. Many seem to think bipolar disorder 1 is something to forget about when I’m not incarcerated. Like I’m just making it up.

Being mixed race ain’t all bad

By Siddy Shivdasani

Being a half Indian, half white journalist, it’s getting easier to be depressed about the latest rise of fascism globally.

But I had a thought to myself while sitting by the pool playing a board game with my Indo-German cousin, her two kids and her white boyfriend at the most exclusive club in Mumbai, if not India: I am lucky to be mixed race.