Unheard stories from riot areas must be told

I read the article on this site about the recent report on the media's coverage of last years riots.

Indonesia's next president in waiting

(Peoplenews ,Singapore )Prabowo Subianto is touted as one of the characters are likely to win the upcoming presidential election meeting with President of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong in Singapore recently. Prabowo visit Singapore for a few days to speak at various forums in the neighboring country.

Every budding journalist will want one

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Exam system is failing our children

At the moment, GCSE’s are in a mess. Why? Simple: Because the teenage exam system has now become a one size fits all system, where, even employers are struggling to pick the right candidates because teenagers all leave school with more or less the same grades. A’s or A* have become the norm.

The delights of window cleaners

Modern cities are awash with sky scrapers that literally gleam with the light reflected from the millions of large plate glass windows used in their construction. Technology has made glass a very desirable building material. It is tough, can be manufactured in almost any size and it speed up the construction process. Keeping these acres of glass clean can be a very large task and most building owners hire the services of experienced window cleaners London.

Body building for women

When you discover how to build muscle for women you will be allowing yourself the knowledge needed to bring your fitness goals within reach. Planning a better workout, one that will be able to provide you with the superior results you need in developing your physical fitness is only something that can be done when you have the right information.

Prime minister's text to editor an own goal

English: Nick Clegg and other MPs

English: Nick Clegg and other MPs (Photo credit: http://commons.wikipedia

Leveson Inquiry UK: News, lies and videotape

Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown (Photo credit: lukemontague)

Wonders of mobile apps business

Do you think a mobile biz opportunity like building mobile apps is difficult? Then think again. I have just built my first mobile app and had it uploaded to the Apple store for just $20. You may have thought that building a mobile application for the iPhone was difficult, expensive, and just plain complicated, but the fact is, it is dead easy, and here's how the process works. 1) IT STARTS WITH AN IDEA: GET CREATIVE... If you have an idea for a mobile app, then don't just sit there lying on it, put it into action.

How to quickly rank on Google home page

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