Blair called a 'war criminal' at media ethics court


World Trade Centre reaches 100 floors

10 Years after the 9/11 Attacks on the two Towers of the World Trade Centre, the new One World Trade Centre has reached 100 Floors (1,240 feet).

DIY software for your hand held phone

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How to make a mobile website

An overall view of an LG EnV mobile/cell phone.

An overall view of an LG EnV mobile/cell phone.

Mistakes firms make with their campaigns

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On Her Majesty's Hippieland!

Hello Ladies and Gents! Kia Ora! This is me, the Indian wordsmith, writing from my country's Commonwealth sister, New Zealand, after I last reported during the Crimean War. Really, I am that old...and it has been that long! Sorry for the long delay, it is a tough life for an International Relations researcher. 

American policeman fired

Officer Alan Edwards was informed on Wednesday that his position with the Spokane Police Department would be terminated effective, March 1. Edwards was fired after he was accused of using his position as an officer of the law in order to obtain the address of a woman he had met in a bar and wanted to pursue. Edwards was allegedly off duty at the time of the incident and is accused of the misuse of police equipment and lying to another officer to get the address of a citizen, which is violation of a policy that is meant to protect their privacy.

Media and students mob French presidential hopeful in London

There was a lot of excitement about VIP visitors at a top London university on Wednesday. First the Queen graced King's College with her presence, then there was a speech from French presidential poll frontrunner François Hollande, who was mobbed by media and students like Europe’s version of President Barack Obama.

TiVo app now available for Android

TiVo owners who also have Android smartphones used to have to lament that their Apple-owning counterparts had an app that would work with their TiVo system. Lamentations shall be uttered no more, as TiVo now has an app for Android. Resource for this article: TiVo app now available for Android

Iranian says no to the Simpsons

Monday it was announced by a bureau in Tehran that it was now unlawful to sell dolls and merchandise from the animated show The Simpsons. Although the show has never been formally aired there, its merchandising has been permitted until now. Bart and the gang have joined Barbie and other Western pop symbols as an illegal denizen of the underground in the Middle Eastern country. Source for this article: Iran tells Bart Simpson to 'eat my shorts

Western culture to be averted