Hack brutally beaten up in unprovoked attack

Newcastle journalist Christine Harle suffered a severe beating after leaving work in the early hours of Thursday morning. The 50 year old Sub Editor for the Journal is said to be in a stable condition at Newcastle General Hospital, after her unknown attacker seemed 'hellbent' on inflicting serious injuries before fleecing her handbag at around 1.20am. She managed to stumble back from her work in Thompson House, Groat Market, to an underground car park where her car was parked and locked herself in after drifting in and out conciousness. She then called for help on her mobile.

Democrats blast Bush's new Iraq strategy

Democrats who seized power in both Houses of Congress have blasted American President George Bush's new strategy to send thousands more troops to war torn Baghdad. The region has 80% more violence within a 30 mile radius of Baghdad, Mr Bush claims, as he comes under fire from senior figures in the Democratic party for his new strategy in trying to stem the tide of violence.

NICE blasted for hypocrisy over Alzeihmers care

Campaigners have slammed the government's drugs advice body for hypocrisy over patients with Alzeihmers being properly cared for, and yet are being denied vital drugs on the National Health Service (NHS).

Cameron roasts Blair in Commons clash

The return of Wednesdays duel between the Prime minister and the leader of the opposition in the first Prime ministers Question time of 2007 began with a roasting today. Fresh from the festive period feisty Tory leader David Cameron gave Blair a grilling over the Home Office fiasco which has raised questions about the state of the blunder ridden department. Cameron clobbered Blair over the issue asking if he thought a seperate minister for Homeland security would help to resolve the bureaucracy engulfing the department.

Reid orders inquiry into Home Office blunder

Yet again the Home Office is in chaos with another blunder, which seeks to confirm Home Secretary John Reid's damning comments when he first took up the post calling the department 'not fit for purpose.' Reid says he will conduct a 'full and immediate inquiry' into why several Britons were not vetted on return to the UK after being convicted of crimes abroad. Reports suggest that 500 dangerous criminals are being investigated by the department, with 25 Britons claiming to have committed rape and murder crimes in Europe.

Chef Ramsay roasted by critics

Food critics have roasted Gordon Ramsay's first New York restaurant branding it a 'disappointment.'

US reviews to The London restaurant which opened last month blasted the chef's dishes as 'rubbery,' 'overcooked' and even 'leathery.'

Critics even slammed Ramsay's interior design skills calling it 'pitiful lighting.'

The celebrity chef who is well known for turning around failing eateries on the programme 'Kitchen nightmares' has been given a taste of his own medicine by journalists.

Backtracker Blair refuses to shun jetset lifestyle

Chris Gaynor

Prime minister Tony Blair has yet again landed himself in it after refusing to give up his jetsetting lifestyle in order to save planet earth from the dangers of climate change.

The jetsetting prime minister, who has been clocking up the air miles since his premiership revealed that climate change was something that should be left to the scientists to sort out and not 'politicians.'

Disabled children's lives made 'hell' by tormenting bullies

Chris Gaynor

Bullies making disabled children's lives 'hell' are more likely to contemplate suicide it has emerged.

Research compiled by the National Autisitic Society and revealed to a committee of MP's reveals that children with special needs such as autism and aspergers syndrome are four and six times more likely to be tormented than their non disabled counterparts.

Kelly in education scandal

Former Education Secretary Ruth Kelly has been 'named and shamed' as the minister who removed one of her children from a state school into private education. But the current Communities minister claims that she is 'doing what is best for her son.' She said: 'I, like any mother want to do what is best for my son.' Labour MP's are fuming at the disclosure which was revealed by the Daily Mail yesterday, but refused to name the minister involved.

Londoners already fighting festive flab

A London Council has revealed that Londoners are already making a real effort to fight the festive flab this new year. Councillor Daniel Astaire from Westminster City Council claims that there is an increase in the number of people returning to sports and leisure facilities after indulging over the festive period. In 2005, there were an estimated 90,000 using the City's leisure facilities, but this has risen to 130,000 from January of last year.