The humbug of Gordon Brown

Chris Gaynor

Prime minister Tony Blair's long awaited response to the gruesome lynching of Saddam Hussein, which he has belatedly described as 'completely wrong,' is an embarrassed response to what leader in waiting Gordon Brown had to say on the sorry subject. '

Ex DJ bids to face Livingstone in Mayoral fight

A former Radio DJ and celebrity plans to kick Ken Livingstone off his post as Mayor of London in 2008. Mike Read, Ex Radio 1 DJ plans to join the Tory party as their Mayoral candidate, but says he will only be the Tory candidate if his bid is taken 'seriously.' In a meeting with Party Chairman Francis Maude, the popular Radio and TV face was given assurances by Mr Maude that he would not be seen as 'lightweight' by senior Tory figures. The Tories are scouring high and low for a Mayoral candidate after Radio star Nick Ferrari turned down the offer of Mayoral bidder.

Human Rights Act: 'A Shambles'

The Human Rights Act 1998 is yet again mired in controversy for its ineffectiveness at protecting its citizens. The Labour administered piece of legislation which was introduced in Parliament to balance the rights of the individual against the rights of the public, has been slammed, ridiculed and now even key ministers in government question its effectiveness. Blair's best buddy, the Lord Chancellor, Lord Falconer, has waded into the row calling Derbyshire Polices' interpretation of the Human Rights Act as   'absolute nonsense.'

An un-loo-usual mystery

Chris Gaynor

A Southampton landlord was flushed when he found one of his punters had pilfered a toilet seat right from under his nose.

Alan Dreja, the landlord of the Royal Oak pub inspected his urinal after a family told him that one of his toilet seats had gone missing.

He believes a punter had enjoyed a half pint of Fosters earlier, before using the loo regularly, then thieving the toilet seat after he left the pub, by placing it in his blue bulging ruck sack.

Special needs children's education hangs in balance

The future of children with special needs education hangs in the balance unless vital software can be implented for their learning in schools. Thousands of children suffering from dyslexia and visual impairments fail to receive textbooks or computer software in anything other than standard print text. World Championship rower, and five times Olympic gold medal holder, Sir Steve Redgrave, is urging schools to dish out proper equipment for children with special needs. Both his daughter and him suffer from dyslexia.

Coach driver released on bail pending further enquiries

Police have bailed the coach driver who was taken in for questioning about the fatal crash which happened on the M25 on wednesday. The 40 year old man was arrested for dangerous driving but is to appear at a Police station in Berkshire on 21st February. Two victims have lost their lives through the fatal overturn which happened on a slip road via the M25 and M4. A National Express extraordinarilty overturned in the early hours of the morning leaving several in a critical condition.

Coach driver arrested in M25 overturn

Police investigating the fatal coach accident have arrested the 40 year old coach driver on suspicion of dangerous driving. The unidentified man has been taken to an unknown location in Berkshire for questioning into the tragic accident which happened on Britain's busiest motorway the M25. The National Express coach overturned at 11.30pm yesterday on junction 15 of the motorway. Sixty nine people were reported to have been aboard the 592 coach on its way to London Victoria from Aberdeen, due to arrive at 10.25am today.

Cabbie's Cavalier clocks land speed record on camera

A cab driver had the shock of his life when a speed camera clocked him apparently braking 'land speed records' in a 30mph limit. Tom Matthews was driving a woman home in his 12 year old diesel powered Vauxhall Cavalier in Newport, Gwent, when the speed camera clocked him supposedly doing jet speeds of 420mph. He was fined  £60 and three penalty points on his license. Matthews, 34, said: 'I drive an old Cavalier, not a Jumbo. According to this I've broken the land speed record.'

CBI President warns of tough times ahead

Chris Gaynor

New CBI president Martin Broughton has warned that the changing tide of British politics may damage Britains 'global competitiveness' in the future.

His comments came as he took up his new role as CBI president on tuesday with a stout warning to political leaders not to change course with the UK's international global competitivenes.

'Deplorable', absolutely 'deplorable'

Chris Gaynor

Cling on British political leader John Prescott may have rightly denounced as 'deplorable' the sick taunting of Saddam Hussein by Iraqi opponents of his allowed to observe the former dictator's gruesome execution. But the deputy prime minister's comment have echoed throughout the Western world as hypocrisy of a great magnitude.