Give us Science facts not Science fiction please

Celebrities fronting public campaigns have been slammed by a pro science charity for 'scaremongering' the public when it comes to scientific facts. Madonna, Elle Macpherson and Carole Caplin have all been criticised for being economical with the truth when it comes to scientific campaigns such as vaccinations, cancer or organic food products. Charity Sense About Science's director Tracey Brown claims that celebrities are putting their own credibility at risk as well as denting people's confidence in Science.

'Sofa surfing' increase among young in Peterborough

A Council have teamed up with a counselling service to prevent young people from 'sofa surfing' and ending up homeless on Peterborough's streets The City Council's Housing team, and 'RELATE,' a service which offers advice on relationship issues have been called into crack down on the number of young people between 16 -24 who end up homeless after feuding with their families.

Curbie vents frustration at Hammers players

West Ham boss Alan Curbishley has mocked his players calling them 'Prima Donnas' after their six goal hammering at Reading at the weekend. The former Charlton United managers' extraordinary public show of frustration at his players performance may well curb him to move elsewhere if West Ham continue their losing streak. They are third from last in the premiership table. He vented his frustration due to a bust up two of his players had with him on the field at half time.

Tories back calls for more rigorous driving tests

Senior Conservative politicians have backed calls for drivers to be more rigorously tested before they take to Britain's roads. Shadow Transport Secretary Chris Grayling wants a graduate training style driving test where learner drivers undergo intensive training. New drivers would undergo further training before taking to the wheel of high powered vehicles, he has advocated. In a bid to improve road safety, the shadow minister has backed government proposals for much harder driving tests with the possibility of learners having to undergo 120 hours of training before taking a test.

booze law fails to stamp out 'binge' drinking

A senior cabinet minister has confessed that the government is losing the fight in tackling Britain's image as the 'binge' capital of the world. Hazel Blears has attacked her own government's licensing laws introduced over a year ago, which saw pubs around the country able to offer 24 hour drinking to consumers. The attack has come in the wake of the Christmas and New Year celebrations, which saw pubs opening from 11 am on New Years Eve to 11pm on New Years Day.

Cameron's new venture 'Hug a model'

2006 has been a whirlwind year for the spectacle that is British Politics. While Labour have been embroiled in scandal after scandal, the Tories, not without their own problems have been revelling in the attention, and the fiesty Tory leader has been proving to the public his PR credentials. WEB CAMERON, the new blog site on the, has certainly got tongues a wagging with their new 'bringing politics to the people' message. David Cameron has been hugging a hoodie, loving a lout and getting saucy with Guardian lefty Polly Toynbee.

Saddam executed

Defiant former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was hanged in the early hours of the morning. Defence Lawyers acting for the brutal dictator and senior officials reported that he may have been spared his hanging by the Muslim holiday. But the new Shi'ite President Nuri Al Maliki was desperate for the former ousted leader to hang before the new year was out. Violent backlashes from cling on Saddam supporters are predicted as Baghdad braced itself for the execution. Lawyers from Saddam's legal team tried to withstand the execution until after the new year due to the muslim holiday.

Christmas fever

Christmas can be fun and exciting when Santa brings you the best presents ever.

The sight of turkey trimmings, brussel sprouts, mince pies and Christmas pudding adds something festive to the season but do we overrate the run up to Christmas.

Every year, the average shopper spends up to 3.8 billion pounds on the preparation towards Christmas says a BBC online report.

We make such a big fuss about sticking up the best Christmas decorations, preparing the Christmas dinner and buying presents for one another but it only lasts for one day.

PM struggling to 'stay alive'

Chris Gaynor

Yet again prime minister Tony Blair and his wife Cherie have been accused of being scroungers at the public's expense after jetting off to sunnier climes to live the high life with 1970s pop legend, Robin Gibb and his wife at their glitzy Florida seafront mansion.

U2 front man knighted

Pop legend Bono has been awarded an honorary knighthood it has emerged. The 46 year old front man of popular band U2 has been given the award for his long standing work within the music industry and humanitarian campaigning across the world. But bestowal of an honorary award does not confer the title 'Sir.' Irish born Bono is the second Irish roackstar to be given the top award after Bob Geldoff was knighted in 1986 for his humanatitarian efforts to Africa. Prime Minister Tony Blair paid tribute to Bono's work he had done also claiming he was a 'huge fan' of the artists' music.