Speed cameras fitted in accident hotspot


A deadly  stretch of road which leads to Esher High Street has been fitted with  speed cameras to deter motorists from breaking the 30mp/h  speed limit.

UK Travellers warned of malaria risk over festive season

Holiday makers wishing to escape the UK for some fun in the sun this Christmas have been urged to protect themselves from deadly diseases. Research compiled by the Health Protection Agency has confirmed that between 1500 -2000 people return to the UK after having contracted fatal diseases such as Malaria. 11 people have died in the past from diseases brought back from overseas. The study also found that many UK travellers are naive when it comes to these types of diseases and view some of them as 'trivial.'

Disabled journo sees lookalike art earn big bucks

Chris Gaynor  

Disabled American journalist, Helen Smith was shocked when a life size marble sculpture of her naked body was sold at auction for a whopping $84,000.

'Boozy' Bishop fights back at critics

The Boozy Bishop of Southwark has struck back at his critics who accused him of leaving a Christmas Party stone drunk. Reverend Tom Butler has scorned his critics claiming that the black eye he suffered after leaving a party at the Irish Embassy in Hyde Park Corner had been down to a mugger. He lost his briefcase and mobile phone. Eyewitnesses claim that they saw the reverend prancing around in a BMW car, throwing toys around claiming 'He was The Bishop of Southwark that's what I do.'

A disgrace to the nation

Short Question! The recent revelations involving the MoD and soldiers being delayed in recieving the proper body armour for conflicts including Iraq is a disgrace, but a government that refuses to be accountable is an even bigger one. This evening BBC news were disgraceful in not having more News coverage about this sickening affair. But Channel Four News ran a lengthy feature on the subject. Ofcourse a government representative failed to appear but Shadow Defence Secretary Liam Fox was given hot air time and aired his feelings on the whole debacle.

Hoon facing sack calls over kit delays

A coroner issuing a verdict on the murder of a British soldier in Iraq has slammed the government for failing to provide proper body armour for army personnel calling it 'inexcusable and unforgivable.' The damning comments came as Former Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon is fighting for his political life with calls from Shadow Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox for Tony Blair to sack the Cabinet Minister. Liam Fox said that there was something 'wholly wrong' with government not doing their duty for army personnel and claims the buck stops with Mr Hoon and Mr Blair.

Lib Dem gets cheeky with 'Cheeky Girl'

Chris Gaynor

A Flambouyant Liberal Democrat MP is getting cheeky with a young Romanian pop star it has emerged.

Lembit Opik, 41, whom split up with Sian Lloyd, the face of ITV weather is now dating one singer from one of pop's cheekiest bands, 'The Cheeky Girls.'

Police arrest man over prostitute killings

Detectives investigating the murders of five women in Ipswich have arrested a man in connection with them. The 37 year old is being questioned at an unknown location regarding the murders of Gemma Adams, Tania Nichol ,Anneli Alderton, Paula Clennel and Annette Nicholls. He was arrested at an address in Trimley near Felixstowe at 7.20am this morning. All the women murdered were working girls with severe drug habbits found dead and naked within a ten mile radius around the Ipswich area.

Ebdon romps to victory in UK final

Grinder Peter Ebdon has romped home to win his first UK Championship in York tonight. After a perfectly poised first session ending four frames a piece, Ebdon managed to rack up an extradordinary seven frames to seal victory in the tournament 10 - 6. Hendry's fine form ground to a halt after his vintage play in the week. An emotional Peter Ebdon, said: 'I'm absolutely over the moon. I'm very proud to join a select group of players to win this tournament.'

UK final perfectly poised

The UK championship final in York is perfectly poised as finalists Steven Hendry and Peter Ebdon are all square after the first session. Both players are 4 frames a piece as the first 8 frames were shared even with some nailbiting safety exchanges and precision potting from both camps. Hendry won the first frame racking up a break over 50 to secure an early lead. Ebdon managed to come out fighting in the second to make it 1 - 1. Steven then reeled off another two frames to go into the mid session interval 3 - 1