A blind date

Short question! What is former Blind Date presenter Cilla Black doing with former disgraced Cabinet Minister and current EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson? Posing cosily in The Sunday Telegraph, arm in arm, the two appear very luvy duvy. Awwww surprise...surprise...Your date tonight, you chose Number 2 and his names MANDY from Hartlepool! This is a photo of the two arriving together at the wedding of Lord Birt and his new wife Eithne Wallis. It must be 'alorra alorra' love chook? Answers on a postcard please!

Blair and 'Lord Cashpoint' at war

Relationships with friends can be strained at the best of times. But when you are the Prime Minister of the country and your close friend is a successful business man, it is not difficult to see how that particular relationship may break down. Tony Blair's relationship with Lord Levy, or 'Lord Cashpoint' as he has been termed, appears to be feeling the heat this week. Both men are trying to distance themselves from each other. In typical 'The Bill' soap opera fashion both are blaming each other for the recent cash for honours scandal that has dogged the Blair regime.

Hackney girl crowned X - Factor champion

Talented Londoner Leona Lewis has been crowned the X - Factor champion for 2006, writes Chris Gaynor.

The young receptionist battled hard to beat 18 year old Raymond Quinn to win the coveted  £1 million recording contract and be the first ever woman to win the peak time viewing TV show.

Mayor slams government's nuclear policy

Chris Gaynor

London Mayor Ken Livingstone has slammed the government's nuclear policy on building a new wave of nuclear power stations as 'yesterday's solution.'

Teaming up with the green body Greenpeace, The Mayor has launched a stark poster campaign urging Londoners to join in the debate.

Hacks must watch their words

Reporters on Newspapers and Magazines will have to watch what they say and report in future as the journalism watchdog is cracking down on press language. The Press Complaints Commission have issued guidelines regarding what hacks cannot say when referring to mentally ill people. Words such as 'Basketcase,' 'Schizo' and 'nutter,' if used could be in breach of the industry code of practice. Guidelines come in light of the government's new Mental Health bill in parliament.

Labour MP slams goverment over disabled fuel payments

A Labour MP has slammed the government for not extending winter fuel payments to severely disabled people in desperate need of them. Roger Berry MP for Kingswood, launched a scathing attack on the government calling there dishing out of payments to 'richer pensioners' as simply 'crazy.' He said: 'They're using age as a proxy for need which is 'crazy.' The reason I assume, must be financial. It's not that they dont understand the logic of the case.' He went on to say that people who fall into certain categories should be entitled to higher rates of disability payments.

Charity hammers home plight of disabled living on poverty line

Disability rights campaigners and opposition Ministers are fuming at the government's lack of help for disabled people who still fall into the poverty trap. A new report by the New Policy Insitute for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation suggests that 30% of disabled adults still live on the breadline despite their own attempts at improving their skills through education. The research also blamed high unemployment amongst disabled people for the high poverty rate.

Drunken fined for napping on railway line

A drunken Surrey man was caught napping on a railway line has been fined  £560 and ordered to do 180 hours community service. Kevin Craswell was found in March napping on an Epsom railway link as he curled himself up into a ball and used himself as a pillow to have fourty winks on the line. Trains ground to a halt as the incident was filmed by helicopter of the 48 year old former company director having passed out stone drunk on the tracks.

PM quizzed in honours probe

British Prime Minister Tony Blair has been quizzed in the cash for honours probe it emerged today. It is the first time in history that a UK Prime Minister has been quizzed by Police in British Politics. Detectives are investigating whether a 1925 Peerages Act law has been broken. Blair was led away from Downing Street for questioning by Police this morning before travelling to a summit in Brussels.

O 'Sullivan's bizzare exit from UK championship

Audiences and players at the UK Championship were stunned today when snooker wizard Ronnie O'Sullivan bizzarely ended his quarter final match after only playing just five frames. Playing at the Barbican Centre in York, the Rocket's opponent Steven Hendry couldn't believe it when Ronnie stepped forward to shake his hand to say he had 'had enough.' Trailing 4 - 1 he missed a red and simply gave up. Hendry's 4 -1 lead turned into a 9 -1 victory. He said: 'I can't critise anyone for that, if he has problems I feel for him. But I've never seen anything like it. It's bizzare.'