Parliamentary scrutiny under threat say Tories

A leading Conservative politician has slammed the government's record on being scrutinised by parliament and the public it has emerged. In a 975 page dossier compiled by senior Tory figures, it has been revealed that over one thousand written parliamentary questions were avoided by Ministers in the last session of parliament. The main departments involved in the revelations were the Home Office, Ministry of Defence and Department for Work and Pensions.

Buncefield heroes honoured

Firefighters who risked their lives a year ago tackling a blaze at an oil depot in Hertfordshire were honoured for their bravery on Monday. The Buncefield oil depot became engulfed in flames on the 11th December 2005 as crews from Cheshunt and Borehamwood fire services were honoured by the Marquess of Salisbury and high ranking councillors from Hertfordshire County Council and Fire services. Borehamwood firefighters rescued a woman and child from a burning house in 2005 and the four crew members were also honoured for their 'meritorious action and courage.'

It's not so great being... old either

A columnist on this site Emily Phillips has written a comic piece commentating on the plight of young people. While Emily in her piece trawls through the major issues affecting our young people and society, including binge drinking, rising student debt, in ability to get a foot on the housing ladder and not to mention conflicts with parents, I would like to comment on the plight of 'so called old people.' I put it to everyone that, 'it's not so great being old either.'

Confused? Blair certainly was

If you were not confused by the Prime Minister's explanation on Defence allowances then you truely are a 'Superman.' Christmas is looming and the atmosphere in the House of Commons and Prime Ministers Questions reflected the sheer jubilance that the festive season is upon us. Fiesty Tory leader David Cameron may not be holding his glass of Sherry high in celebration at his current standing in the polls, but maybe drowning his sorrows at Tony Blair's ability to hold his ground.

Curbie is new Hammers boss

Former Charlton Boss Alan Curbishley has returned from the wilderness hoping to save West Ham United from relegation. In true Sir Alan Sugar style, Chairman Eggert Magnusson, hours after giving Alan Pardew the boot, has now hired Curbishley as the new Hammers boss. Curbishley, who left Charlton only months ago claimed he wanted a break from football, but is now back in the fray of football management. He had been in the running for the England job, but was beaten to it by the former Middlesborough manager Steve McClaren.

Hack video that hopes to save the planet

An Exeter hack's short video on climate change will be broadcast on the BBC's flagship programme in the new year. Alice Klein, who joined the Express and Echo as a Trainee reporter, produced a two minute film on climate change which will be broadcast on BBC's Newsnight. The editor of the flagship news programme, presented by Jeremy Paxman and co, came up with an idea of getting ordinary people to send in their own news/blog videos. Ms Klein's film was shortlisted with 13 others as the 24 year old is often asked to compile short videos for her paper.

Paddington Pupils don African costumes

Pupils and teachers from a Paddington junior school entered into the spirit of Africa by dressing in ornate folk costumes. Teachers at Edward Wilson Primary School began teaching pupils about Black History Month in September, in which the children were given projects involving different cultures to study. Presentations were given to an assembly each week on a range of topics including food culture, Immigrants moving from the West Indies in 1948 and information on the poet Benjamin Zephaniah.

Hack makes bid to be top of the pops

Chris Gaynor

Jersey journalist Anthony Lewis plans to shake up the music charts by knocking the X -Factor Christmas No1 off the top spot this Christmas.

Police plea for missing women

Fears that a serial killer maybe terrorising women in Suffolk were not ruled out by the Police it has emerged. Police are appealing to the public to get in contact with them regarding two missing girls one who dissapeared over the weekend and the other who vanished last week. Their fears come in the light of the recent murders of three women, Gemma Adams and Tania Nicol whose bodies were recovered naked from a canal. The other body was found in a wood. But forensics discovered that they had not been sexually assaulted.

Hammers Boss sacked

West Ham United Boss Alan Pardew has been sacked it was revealed today. A string of defeats including a 4 - 0 drubbing to Bolton on Saturday caused Chairman Eggert Mangnusson to release the Hammers manager from duty to make way for a new one to take over the healm when the January transfer market opens. Pardew's string of defeats meant that his position was becoming untennable. He joined the Hammers as manager in September 2003. His sacking also came weeks after he was involved in a scuffle with Arsenal Boss, Arsene Wenger.