Lame Duck Bush Facing Elections Defeat

Americans voted on Tuesday in elections for Congress that could severely weaken the power of George W. Bush and the Republicans. And could ultimately force a change of direction in Iraq and shape the legacy of a president with just two years left in office. Democrats are on course to recapture control of the U.S. House of Representatives from Republicans for the first time since 1994, opinion polls showed, with their chance of taking over the Senate hinging on several key races that are too close to call.

Football in the doghouse

The weekend's controversy surrounding the antics of Arsenal's Arsene Wenger and referee Graham Poll have not blown away in the wind. It has emerged that Bolton Wonderer's star El-Hadji Diouf Has been arrested for allegedly beating up his wife. The premiership striker was alleged to have assaulted his wife in the early hours of Sunday Morning as police were called to his residence where his wife reported a cut lip.

The scourge of Clerkenwell

The scourge of Clerkenwell.

The number thirteen is significant for various reasons. Firstly, it is unlucky and puts the heebie-jeebies up many people. Secondly, it is the maximum number of steps that a person in Clerkenwell can take without being approached by some deperate vagrant trying to force them to take a free newspaper.

Savannah Miscellany 1

Savannah Miscellany 1.


  There is no such thing as a normal car in Savannah, Georgia, USA. At least ninety-nine percent of all vehicles are SUVs - what we know in England as "Chelsea Tractors". They are truly huge and seem to have more in common with tanks than bog-standard automobiles. Even the small ones are big. The big ones are larger than most English houses.  It's no wonder that the ice-caps are melting.

Death Metal Vocalists

Death Metal Vocalists.

Mayor Livingstone on his way home

LONDON MAYOR Ken Livingstone faces humiliation tonight, writes Chris Gaynor.

A planned visit to Venezuela to secure a huge oil deal with President Hugo Chavez has been cancelled.

Red Ken was supposed to be securing the deal which would allow Londoners cheap oil prices for the poorest in the city.

Premiership Kings toppled by Tottenham

Tottenham Hotspur have toppled the Premiership Kings Chelsea in a 90 min nailbiting game. Martin Jol's men from White Hart lane managed to outplay Jose Mourihno's boys in blue as Spurs played with a dogged determination to win the match. Chelsea scored first through a sweetly struck volley from an unlikely source, Claude Makelele. Spurs managed to equalise through a set play which found the head of Dawson. Jol changed his formation in the second half as Aaron Lennon switched to the right flanks to pressurise Ashley Cole.

Pardew: 'It's nothing personal'

Two premiership managers were involved in a bitter scuffle today. Struggling West Ham boss Alan Pardew was man handled by Aresenal's manager Arsene Wenger as he celebrated his teams second win 1 - 0 against Arsenal. It was a bitter end to a game which saw the Champions league finalists last season outwitted by Pardew's battling team. A late headed goal from Harewood, saw West Ham's boss jubilant celebrations frustrate Wenger into reacting fiery. Pardew, after the game said he didnt know what caused the reaction from the Arsenal boss.

FC Copenhagen overturn Premiership leaders

Up and coming European team FC Copenhagen have turned the screws on Premiership leaders Manchester United. The white stripped team out played and out witted the Premiership leaders by scoring a set play goal and defensively keeping hold of their 1 - 0 lead. A goal by Marcus Allback laid pressure on the reds to equalise but got nothing out of the game. Manchester United came to Copenhagen expecting an easy ride but with a lacklustre performance and a positive opposition side the reds were unable to turn on the performance that would ensure guaranteed qualification.

Premiership Kings hold rivals to draw

Premiership Kings Chelsea dashed Barcelona's hopes of automatic qualification yesterday. Jose Mourihno's boys in blue battled hard to hold the Spanish champions 2 - 2 at the Nou camp. A stunned Chelsea were playing catch up three mins into the match as an in form player Deco launced a superb strike from 25 yards. Barcelona managed to play periods of stunning football in the first half as Chelsea were unable to penetrate the Barce defence.