Cameron gets dressing down from Speaker

It was like an overcrowded creche with a group of rowdy, jeery and disobedient babies. Prime Ministers Question Time today was mired in controversy as the feisty Tory Leader David Cameron was given a dressing down for taunting the Prime Minister about who should be the next leader of the Labour Party. Michael Martin, the Commons speaker threatened to adjourn the session as rowdy MP's were sucked into the theatrics of Punch n' Judy politics.

It needn't cost the earth

Politicians, Scientists , think tanks, quango's and even the Stern report. Climate change seems to be well and truely on the political agenda as the long awaited Stern report has given politicians of all pursuasions the passion to save the planet. A stern but harsh warning to the world as a whole! 'Go Green, or face the consequences.' Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, the Batman and Robin of the political world have taken on another crusade. This time it's not to save the poor and needy of Africa or the brutally needy of Iraq. Alas, it is time to save the world, literally.

Snooker Aussie rockets to victory

An Australian young gun has rocketed to victory in the final of the Grand Prix Snooker in Aberdeen. Neil Robertson fired on all cylinders to steam ahead to beat another up and coming youngster Jamie 'The Shot Gun' Cope, 9 - 5. He is the first Australian to lift a World ranking title. Stoke based Cope put on a brave performance in the final session but it was too late as Robertson rocketed to victory. Jamie Cope admitted: ' I never really turned up today, to be honest.' He is called 'the shotgun' due to his potting ability, but was outgunned by the young Aussie in the final.

Baby David: A child of our times?

Pop Queen Madonna's adoption of Baby David has caused stirrings in a variety of quarters of late. The 46 year old beauty queen and her husband Guy Ritchie have taken a battering over attempts at helping the impoverished countries and their people of this world have some hope of a better life.

Cameron: 'Send Blair back to jail'

Punch n' Judy politics is back with a bang it seems. Cameron's softly softly approach to Prime Minister's Question Time has fallen by the wayside as the young pretender decided to batter Blair with blow after blow of jests and jibes. The feisty Tory Leader collared Blair over the shambles in the prison system, and the need for there to be a climate change bill in the Queen's speech. He suggested that the PM was on 'another planet,' and said, 'maybe we should send the Prime Minister back to jail.' Cameron also claimed that the system was in 'meltdown.'

Steve McClaren - the wrong man to lead England

IT WAS a bold decision to appoint Steve McClaren as England manager, a man who has little experience of European football and who has never managed a major club. McClaren, the assistant of former manager Sven Goran Eriksson, cannot be exempt from blame for England's poor World Cup campaign, and thus his appointment is surely misguided. Once again the FA has taken the safe option and illustrates exactly why we have not won an International tournament since our World Cup triumph in 1966.

Crisis in Catuluyna

Champions league wizards Barcelona have suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of Real Madrid in La Liga. Madrid put on a tantilising display of wizadry to out manouvre and out smart the men from Catuluyna. The first goal came from a power cross which met the head of an in form Raul. Former Manchester United goal machine Ruud Van Nistolroy managed to sink the second goal as Barcelona slumped 2 - 0 down. Ronaldinho's performance was patchy as Barcelona were out thought on every aspect of the pitch.

The best of the worst

A London district has been voted the worst borough to live in the UK. London borough of Hackney was top of the heap of worst places to live by a poll constructed by Channel Four's Best and Worst Places to Live: 2006. Second in the poll was Tower Hamlets with bronze being awarded to Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales. Typically, the mayor of Hackney put on a brave face labelling the borough as vibrant, diverse and had a bright future with the Olympics coming there. Wonder what Dianne Abbott will make of the findings?

Another band bites the dust

Last week the unconventional band 'The Unconventionals' were booted off the X Factor for being 'too different.' Boy band, 4 Sure were the second act to get kicked out of the hit TV show the X Factor last night. All were put through their paces as the would-be pop acts are competing for a whopping 1 million pound record contract. The remaining contestants in the show had to perform covers and original songs from the legend Rod Stewart. Long haired heartthrob Ben, tipped to be the winner of the show, and who is rated to be the next Rod Stewart, sang his famous hit, 'Maggie May.'

NHS staff threaten strikes

Fearful NHS staff threatened srike action last night over paycuts. Doctors, Dentists and key NHS staff were told their annual pay rise would be capped at 1.5% - half the rate of inflation. The fears come as the Chancellor Gordon Brown said the maximum should be 2%. But the Department of Health say they cannot afford that. Leading Amicus Union member, Kevin Coyne, has said unless there is an improved offer his members will be balloting strike action.