Abandoned Bags


Abandoned Bags.

Today was the anniversary of the attacks on London. For many people it must have been a terrible ordeal.

Most people were extra cautious and quite rightly so. The police, bless them, were all over the place. At the stations, on the trains, and keeping an eye out. Which of course, is what they should be doing.

Former Tory leader gets all sweaty

Chris Gaynor

A   senior Conservative politician  was grilled by  would-be journalists at a training college in London  on Wednesday.

noSWeat, based in Clerkenwell hosted the event, as former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith made a high profile visit to talk about 'politicians and the press.'

Two blows for two jags Prezza

More Drama, more scandals than an episode of Coronation Street or Eastenders - Two Jags Prezza is back in town!

This time, the cling on Deputy Prime Minister is embroiled in more controversy and yet more allegations regarding affairs, conflicts of interest.

Controls, what controls?

A select committee has slammed PM Tony Blair over the current  government's population policy!

The Commons Liaison Committee, headed by Senior MP Tony Wright, has said that not having a proper debate and clear policy on the issue could fuel right wing extremists.

Mr Blair responded by saying that the UK had a migration policy but no 'population policy.'  He was also grilled by members claiming that Eastern European migrants were putting a strain on the public services.

Success or Failure - can you hack it?

England crashed out of the World Cup losing 3-1 on penalties to Portugal on Saturday.

Developments since then have been the resignation of David Beckham as captain, who may well pass the arm band to Chelsea favourite John Terry.

The Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney affair heats up - or is it just media meddling?

Sven has apologised profusely for not taking England any further in the competition.

For many people, England crashing out of the World Cup, will be a huge relief and respite from all the spin of the past three weeks.

Breaking News

Breaking News

Members of noSWeat college in Clerkenwell were shocked tonight at a graduation ceremony when a tutor, upon congratulating his pupils, took it upon himself to kiss the boys as well as the girls.

The recipient of the unexpected move held his ground in true British fashion, showing neither surprise nor alarm. This, of course, is the British way: if something is happening that does not seem quite right, just keep a stiff upper lip and wait until it goes away.

Market Boy - A Review

James Combes 

Education is a beautiful thing. It is even more effective when the subject matter is something about which you thought that there was nothing to tell.

David Eldridge’s Market Boy, is currently playing at the National Theatre on London's south-bank. A black-comedy, combining hilarity and harshness, this is more than a simple play.

Singing Girl

The Singing Girl on the Piccadilly Line.

Last week, on a crowded Piccadilly Line train, I found myself smiling inadvertently whilst pretending to read my book - or, if my short-hand tutor is reading this, reading Chapter 8 of my enthralling and captivating Teeline book.

David Brent - you must be joking!

Punch n Judy politics is back with a BANG!

David Cameron's latest attack on teflon Tony is to label him as the 'David Brent of the Office just lazing around.

Super Dave has been quiet of late - like a tiger waiting to pounce on his prey at the right moment - and his time has come.

David Brent, watch out as you may have competition from a redudant PM soon!

There have been many TV programmes satirising the work or lack of it done in Downing Street. Rory Bremner, Dead Ringers and that 80's Spitting Image.

blood on the frontbenches

Turncoats within the Labour party were quite difficult to spot in the early days of the New labour spin machine. Everyone was loyal to each other and everyone else was loyal to anyone who supported the ethos.

But now I sense descension in the ranks - not just from the top but the bottom. It seems that ex senior cabinet members smell a whiff of blood and as Shakespeare wrote many plays about the corruption of power, Ex Home secretary Charles Clarke must be thinking, 'is that a dagger I see before me? the handle toward my hand?'