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JuryTeam accuse Tories of pinching ideas

Independent candidates of the political group JuryTeam will be unveiling their hopefuls in the mainstream media earlier this morning.

Is Twitter damaging 'real' news gathering?


Silence means 'NO?'

A constituent emails Tory MP Douglas Carswell and asks him: "If MPs are now made to pay taxes on their income and assets like the rest of us, does this mean we might see more MPs demanding lower taxes?" The lack of response from Carswell and his readers suggests either 'NO,' or we haven't decided yet either way. The first is normally the answer. Always be skeptical when a politician doesn't answer atall, normally, they tend to just blurt out a load of waffle, which often means a NO..... Details HERE.

Voters turn to blogging for daily swipes

Everybody from the postie to politicians are now hooking up with the blogosphere and having their say on poltical matters and the political system. And voter fury with the political system and the elected representatives has meant that some are signing up and blogging with vigour. That is what the up and coming political blogger over at The Time For Change has been doing. He has become so furious at the last twelve years of Labour power, that he has been drawn to the keyboard to vent his frustrations at the political classes.

Should David Cameron be worried?

Is Alan Johnson playing a cute game?

Paint it Yellow

Derek 'Del Boy' Trotter explains in his own unique way why buying luminous paint, (which he does't yet know is luminous paint) will be good for boosting Britain's economy.

Click on Gordon to get him out

Over 60, 000 have signed up to get him out. You can too, by clicking on his image.

Gordon and Labour are tired

Cancer can affect people's sex lives

Three quarters of people say cancer affected their sexual relationship
They often say: "I feel inadequate about my body, and scared of sex itself. I also feel that my husband is frightened of hurting me.'  'Unloved and 'sullied'. I have never had the confidence to enter another relationship."