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Gordon hints that he's a 'loser'


Speaker is going, when will Gordon quit?

They still don't get it, do they?

It's your lucky day?

Two e-petitions going on at the same time? The British people have never had it so good, or bad, as the case maybe. Tomorrow Michael Martin will make a statement to the House over calls for him to quit. it comes as political figures including Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg have publically called for the Speaker to stand down. Sign up and call on him to go here. Meanwhile, the Downing Street e-petition calling on GORDON BROWN the PM to quit his bunker has almost reached 60, 000 signatures at 59,492.

Are Britain's moral standards dropping?

In wake of the continuing revelations on MPs troughings, do you think moral standards in Britain are dropping? Is it justifiable for MPs to claim that just because it is within the rules, is there not a basic moral code that should be enforced by individuals? Do vote in the poll above, will be interesting to track the response.

Hacks are getting depressed with bad news

Troughing MPs, recession, Northern Rock, the floods, and a dead whale on a beach, it seems that bad news is depressing some industry hacks, but, they joke that they are struggling to find GOOD NEWS on their respective patches. Graeme Whitfield, a media blogger from The Journal is urging readers both local and national to get in contact with him and tip him off about some good news for a change.

Hack 'tweets' brush with death

A Liverpool business hack tweeted about his brush with death last weekend when he became the victim of a ride-by shooting. Tony McDonough, 39, became the victim of a terrible incident in Liverpool on Saturday night by getting shot in West Derby village - but he jokily tweeted that he was 'ok.' He tweeted: "We were stood drinking just inside the doorway of the Sefton Arms when a gunman on a motorbike opened fire from outside - not aiming at us."

Telegraph probed by leading politicians

What about EU troughing?

Web guru plans to run across US