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Patients denied Alzeimer's drugs on NHS

Shocking plans to restrict the use of patients using Alzeimer's drugs on the NHS will be challenged in court by two drugs companies it emerged last week. Eisai and Pfizer will seek a judicial review of a decsion by The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) to deny patients using Aricept, Exelon and Reminyl on the NHS. Rebecca Wood, Chief Executive of The Alzeimer's Research Trust, said: 'NICE'S wrong headed decision has been an apalling insult to the thousands of families up and down the country who have been blighted by Alzeimer's.'

X Factor judge turns down bit part in comic show

An X Factor judge has turned down a cameo role in a TV comic show. Simon Cowell refused to play a bit part in Ricky Gervais's comic genius show Extras because he could not sing. The stern faced judge who slams singers week in week out on the Saturday night talent show was worried that his singing voice would not go down very well with the last episode. Other famous faces have appeared on the comic show including movie actor Robert De Niro.

Senior Blair adviser slams citizen style journalism

A senior political strategist to the PM has slammed citizen style journalism as a 'shrill discourse of demands.' The commnents came as Tony Blair was carrying out an online petition from his comfy sofa in Downing Street today. Speaking at an e-conference in London, Matthew Taylor is worried that the blogger generation is producing demands on politicians which are simply unattainable. He also scathed the media for giving politicians a bad image as being 'corrupt' or lacking in ideas.

Premiership managers call for video evidence in matches

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has waded into the row regarding the state of refereeing in the Premiership. The French manager has slammed the current state of refereeing as backward as the premiership was taunted again this weekend by suspect decisions in key matches including a sending off of a Blackburn player against Tottenham Hotspur. Wenger said that not having video evidence was like 'playing matches without electricity at night and playing with just torches.'

Three Men jailed after Cocaine bust

Three men have been jailed after Police busted them unloading thousands of pounds worth of drugs from a haulage yard in Surrey. Geoffrey Francis Hyde, 59 from Leatherhead, and his associates Francisco Ibanez - Cantero, 30 from Spain and 44 year old John Paul Town from Northholt, were caught unloading seventy- seven kilos of cocaine with a street value worth  £9.5 million from a lorry in Hyde Haulage Yard in Chertsey. The drugs were concealed within a metal structure under the lorry carrying salad produce imported from Spain. They have all received a total of 62 years imprisonment.

Radio campaign aims to tackle rape crime

A national radio campaign is launched today by the Metropolitan Police in order to combat sexual assault and rape crimes in London. Heart, Kiss and Magic FM will be taking part in the initiative funded by the Met in a bid to crack down on serious sexual crimes. Victims will be able to attend safe havens run by NHS and MPS specialists who will be on hand to attend to the every needs of the victims offering guidance and support. The safe Havens can be found in Kings College Hospital, Camberwell, St Mary's Hospital, Paddington, and The Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel.

Anti -Bullying message rolls up in Surrey

Bullies will have no where to hide next week, as a new campaign will be launched to help combat them having the last laugh. Surrey Police will launcha roadshow in the Spectrum Leisure Centre, Guildford, to coincide with the National Anti-bulllying Week which runs from the 20 - 24th November. Its message is to make parents aware of the problem,and to offer help and support to children who suffer from bullying.

Cameron clobbered by Blair on leadership

Fiesty Tory leader David Cameron was given a knockout blow in the Queens speech debate today. The Prime Minister Tony Blair taunted the leader of the opposition as someone who sits on the fence on critical issues. Blair's reply to Cameron's hefty speech was statesman like and controlled. He compared Cameron and himself, as a 'flyweight and heavy weight' and that when he leaves office, the Labour Party, in the words of an Elton John song, will be 'still standing.'

State opening of Parliament 2006

Chris Gaynor  

Her Majesty the Queen has conducted the state opening of Parliament 2006.

Conservatives slam parish council proposals for London

A shadow minister for London has slammed the goverment's recent proposals on reforming local goverment in London as a 'triple tax whammy.' Jacqui Lait's comments come as the goverment publish a white paper outlining proposals to introduce parish councils in London along with a parish council tax. Councils however, have fought back saying that there is not enough money to fund a third tier of goverment in London. The outspoken MP criticises the plans saying that London already has too many tiers of goverment.