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Another band bites the dust

Last week the unconventional band 'The Unconventionals' were booted off the X Factor for being 'too different.' Boy band, 4 Sure were the second act to get kicked out of the hit TV show the X Factor last night. All were put through their paces as the would-be pop acts are competing for a whopping 1 million pound record contract. The remaining contestants in the show had to perform covers and original songs from the legend Rod Stewart. Long haired heartthrob Ben, tipped to be the winner of the show, and who is rated to be the next Rod Stewart, sang his famous hit, 'Maggie May.'

NHS staff threaten strikes

Fearful NHS staff threatened srike action last night over paycuts. Doctors, Dentists and key NHS staff were told their annual pay rise would be capped at 1.5% - half the rate of inflation. The fears come as the Chancellor Gordon Brown said the maximum should be 2%. But the Department of Health say they cannot afford that. Leading Amicus Union member, Kevin Coyne, has said unless there is an improved offer his members will be balloting strike action.

Short Quits

A Former International Development Secretary and heavy mouthed MP has quit the House of Commons as an MP it emerged yesterday, writes Chris Gaynor.

Ship A Hoy for prisioners

A leading national newspapers campaign to find alternative accomodation for prisioners was hailed a victory last night. The SUN which championed the campaign has wooed Home Secretary John Reid to scan the high seas to house remaining British prisioners as overcrowding in our jails has been soaring since Labour took office. With just 104 places left the reluctant Home Secretary has been forced to scour unused ferries and other vessels to solve the problem. This political storm comes as the population reaches 79, 825, just 104 until bursting point.

Battling Blair defends post war strategy on Iraq

Prime Minister Tony Blair came out fighting yesterday when he was forced to defend his position regarding the post war strategy in Iraq. Speaking at Question Time, the PM was attacked from both sides by an in form Sir Menzies Cambell and David Cameron. Feisty Tory leader Cameron raised the question regarding whether the presence of British troops was exascerbating the situation in Iraq. But veteran leader Sir Menzies Cambell also raised whether the current strategy in Iraq was working.

Barcelona out gunned by Premiership kings

Defending Champions league champions were outgunned by the premiership kings tonight. Barcelona's lacklustre performance was down to a delighful piece of brilliance from a didier drogba goal which stunned coach Frank Rikhard's team ending in a 1-0 defeat. For 90 mins Jose Mourihno's men out performed their orange opponents, but failed to capitalise on squandered chances in the second half after the Drogba dream goal. Andre Shevchenko was underpar as he failed to live up to the expectations.

Shooting off

Former Home Secretary and disgraced Cabinet Minister told a Prisons Chief to 'machine gun' rioting inmates at Lincoln prison. David Blunkett allegedly made the comment in a heated telephone exchange with the Director General of Prisons, Martin Narey when the riots happened in October 2002. He claimed that Mr Blunkett did not care about the loss of life and shrieked down the phone for him to get the job sorted. Narey attacks the Former Home Secretary for his lack of judgement and ability to rush a decision.

Lil Kim versus Big George W

The long standing feud between the US and North Korea regarding Nuclear weapons has heated up this week. With the UN Security Council expected to impose sanctions today, the rift between the two countries will no doubt continue even after the likely sanctions will be imposed. Big George has publically condemmned the North Korean Leader's pursuit of Nuclear capabilities as a grave error. But what of Tony Blair's response to the growing crisis. Will Britain scrap its Nuclear program completely or invest in further Nuclear energy?

Top Army Chief spared sack

Top Army Chief was spared the sack last night after he publically backed down from comments he made earlier in the week about allied troops exacesbating the situation in Iraq. General Sir Richard Dannett and Tony Blair came to a ceasefire over the whole affair which means the top Army Boss has saved his job. The comments came on Thursday when the General had commented that 'troops should be pulled out of Iraq 'sometime soon.' He also slammed Blair's foreign policy calling the transition to democracy 'naive' and the post war clear up effort 'poor.'

Sheridan slams sewer style journalists

Scottish MP Tommy Sheridan has slammed the Murdoch Press over sewer style tactics in investigative journalism. Speaking on David Dimbleby's Question Time program, the outspoken politician who had a libel case with The News of the World and won a huge payout, but was then accused of purgery, publically condemmned Murdoch and the tactics that reporters use to obtain stories. He said: '42% of the Press is run by Murdoch and the sewer style journalism is dragging journalism down into the gutter.' Other Members of the panel agreed that a free press was an essential part of a healthy democracy.