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Legend Mr T turns to chat

Mohawk legend and beefed up star Mr T has returned from the wilderness. The star of the 80's series The A Team who drenched himself in Bling retired from mainstream after contracting cancer is set to return to host his own chat show. He dissappeared from fame in 1995 and underwent severe cancer treatment but is now back and remembers the companies who snubbed him when he contracted the fatal disease.

Feisty Cameron leaves Blair flustered

Feisty Tory Leader David Cameron left Tony Blair feeling the heat yesterday in Prime Ministers Question Time. In a heated exchange in the Commons Cameron managed to pack a punch to a seemingly out of sink Blair. Cameron's fresh faced tactics left Blair hot under the collar, as Cameron clobbered him about the division and split in the Cabinet. Continually harranged by the young gun, Blair was unable to reply to Cameron's direct question on whether the Prime Minister was going to back Gordon Brown as his successor.

What a bobble?

Errors, mis-judgements and pure bad luck. That is the summing up for England's dissapointing qualifying game against Croatia which ended in a 2-0 embarrasment. With such expectation being raised on new boss Steve McClaren, it was back to the good old days of lacklustre and pure frustration for England fans. The first goal came in the second half from a set piece which was poorly defended by McClaren's 3-5-2 formation with goalkeeper Paul Robinson off his line.


Heroic Police Officers dragged a dying man from a car as he was attempting to fireball himself. The incident occurred last night in Gratton Street, Portsmouth, when two officers were called to the incident. As the Officers bravely dragged the man from the car, eyewitnesses saw a fireball of flames engulf it as it exploded. Police are treating the shocking incident as suicide, as the Officers attempts to save the man were in vain. Believed to be in his 40's and from Portsmouth it is unclear why the man was attempting to fireball himself.

Hunter's death shocks snooker world

A 27 year old Snooker whizzkid has died from cancer it emerged yesterday. Paul Hunter known as 'Beckham of the Baize,' was diagnosed with the disease a year ago but battled hard during the illness.

Britain is fat man of Europe

Britain has become the 'fat man' of Europe it was discovered in a government report yesterday. The revelation comes as the gap between the healthy and unhealthy of the North and South hints at a stretched divide across the country. Surrey is reported as being the healthiest county in the South, whereas its counter part Kingston Upon Hull has been labelled the unhealthy parallel. Boston in Lincolnshire has topped first place as the most obese town. But the report also suggests that the number of obese children rose 40% since 1995 and is increasing.

Hail The Departed

'When you are facing the barrel of a loaded gun, what's the difference?' That is Jack Nicholson's opening contribution to Martin Scorsese's new film, The Departed, in which two legends combine in a typical movie about mobsters and crooked cops. Matt Damon stars as a crooked cop who informs mob boss Frank Costello about the Boston State Departments move to bring him down. Leonardo Di Caprio stars as the young failed cop who infiltrates Costello's gang to also bring him down. The two cross paths by having a seemingly sordid relationship with a Police shrink played Vera Farmiga.

Starbreakers as law breakers

Television stars and celebrities are becoming somewhat of a liability these days. Last week, Deal or no Deal presenter and rejuvenated TV icon Noel Edmonds was bragging about his 176 mph drive along a stretch of motorway at four in the morning. This week, comedian and excentric television star Graham Norton has astonished the media with his admittance to indulging in drugs and experimentation with Ecstasy earlier on in his career. Is this a sign of the times where people are openly admitting to breaking the law?

Oops... It's happening again

England's coach Steve Mclaren has faced his first tough test as the new boss. It was a frustrating draw as England drew with a resilient and much improved Macedonia side. This means England drop two vital points in the group, but are still in the running to qualify. For the 90mins Macedonia took the game to England refusing to sit back in their own half and wait until England broke them. But with Mclaren changing his formation opting for a 3-5-2 and playing Rooney and Crouch up front, he was making a huge gamble.

Blue is the colour...Green is the vision

Would be Prime Minister and Tory Leader David Cameron has made his pitch for Britain's top job in sunny Bournemouth today. With a powerful speech to the party faithful the young hopeful set out his agenda and vision for the Party to lead Britain into the 21st Century. As his wife and shadow colleagues sat clapping his new direction, he told the conference delegates about his vision for the family, terrorism, the NHS and what drives him in politics.