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No 10 hail Sandown Park's media centre 'superb'

Last summer, a European Summit was held at Hampton Court Palace to discuss core  EU political issues.

Hosting the event was PM Tony Blair, and several key EU Ministers were invited, including Gerhard Schroeder and Jacques Chirac, French President. After the summit meeting, a media centre was to be held just up the road in the celubrious town of Esher known for its glamour and celebrity status.

The Surrey Hall was kitted out with 1500 workstations and fully equipped with mod cons fit for a PM.

England's Foreign policy needs reassessing

Having spent a week away from the frantic furore and chaos of England's terror alerts - it has suddenly dawned on me what is wrong with this country.

When John Reid, Home Secretary labelled the situation 'critical' and then downgraded the threat to 'severe,' I was exasperated by the instant assessment that there no longer is a 'critical' threat to our nation.

Suddenly, talk on the streets about the terror threat from Muslims and immigration and the recent knee jerk reactions to the situation have foregrounded my ever disgust in this Government.

A new dawn for England?

New England manager Steve Mclaren has boosted his teams confidence by them thrashing Greece 4 -0 in a pre European friendly.

The new manager added a ray of hope to a dissappointing end to the World Cup Finals in July.

John Terry, successor to Beckham headed in England's first goal in the space of 14 mins with a debut captain's goal.

England were coasting at half time with three added goals as the likes of Owen Hargreaves and Stuart Downing added pace supported by veterans Lampard and Gerrard.

Opportunist thieves prey on cavorting couple

Opportunist thieves whisked away hundreds of pounds worth  of items whilst a trainee doctor and his  Dutch girlfriend were cavorting in a Spanish park in Valencia last week, writes Chris Gaynor.

Safe as houses

An annual report into crime statistics by the Home Office has put Surrey as the safest county in Britain.

The authoritative British Crime Survey for 1st April 2005 to 31st March 2006, reveals that the county has the lowest crime rate in Britain and highest level of public confidence in the Police.

Wiltshire received the silver medal for safety,  while Surrey scooped first place in the ratings.

Sixty per cent of people in Surrey have confidence in the police policing their streets compared to that of the national average of 50 per cent.

Whirlwind star gets Bossy in Kingston

A famous snooker star was spotted shopping  at a lavish designer clothes store in Surrey today, writes Chris Gaynor.

Snooker whirlwind Jimmy White was  browsing  the Boss Store in Kingston, cruising the isles for that lone bargain.

A political storm brewing over England

The face of Tony Blair on the front page of the Daily Mail today says it all.

Party animal Blair is suffering for his all nighters with the likes of Snoopy and Stevie Wonder.

He's been all around the world from Africa to America, just to escape the heat of the rebellion he faces back home.

Cabinet colleagues are in revolt over his mis-handlings of the Lebanon crisis. Margaret Beckett looks like a flower witling under the heat of coping with the notorious Foreign secretary job.

Cos it's a 187 on the undercover Blair

Chris Gaynor

BIZARRE   it may be but Rapper Snoop Dogg and British PM Tony Blair have been hanging out together in the prime spots of Hollywood no doubt sipping on Juice and Gin and smoking a couple of Rifa's before chomping on  smoke salmon and cream cheese dips.

Freeloader Tony

Terminator Tony has been on a mission of late. Normally, he is fighting the forces of evil in in the Commons against the new super hero of the Tory Party, David Cameron.

But now Tony has turned his attention to the high life. Rubbing noses with the likes of Arnold Swarznegger, Bono,  and the Gangsta Rapper and rude dog, Snoopy.

The purpose of these encounters with the rich and famous is not clear. What is behind that grin on our leader's face?

Where do you think you're going Prezza?

  Chris Gaynor

The bags are packed, the wife has powdered her nose, there's no time to lose, let's jet off. Where to, next?

The world is our oyster! 'Where do you fancy going, Pauline?' What about an all expenses-paid trip to Barcelona? Courtesy of John Q. taxpayer!