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Welcome to No 10 Donation Street

For those Citizen Journalists who dabble in poetry now and again, here is a ditty:

I'm going down to No 10 Donation Street, where all the politicians play

To visit the PM and ask him about his day

One peerage two peerage three

How much will it cost him let's see?

To grapple with King John who's gone a bit mad of late

Perhaps a game of crouquet or glass of champagne at the corner of Westminster gate.

To see mad John smoozing with his secretary

I'm sure Tracey offers him a lot on his plate

Teflon Tony's sailing the high seas

Money can't buy him love

While the Middle East crisis is heating up and the politician's are trying to cool down the situation, Beatle star and music icon Paul McCartney is facing his own battle on the western front.

Macca and Heather Mills's so called 'amicable seperation' has become hot property in the last few weeks and more so now, as the estranged hubby, in an unprecedented attack on his feisty wife, has made damaging claims about her alleged bad behaviour.

Seeing red over Britishness

Food for thought

As I sat scoffing an Italian pannini in a Clerkenwell park and sipping on a can of American cola, It all made sense to me!

I read two interesting pieces on The-Latest, one written by the Editor and the other by a contributor, Christine Hosein. One was  about the idea of scrapping the St George's flag.and the other debated Britain and its cultural identity.

Disgraced MP to quit Westminster

Rising star and down trodden frontbench MP  is to leave parliament it  emerged last week, writes Chris Gaynor.

Home Affairs spokesman Mark Oaten, who was embroiled in a rent boy scandal will  quit Westminster as MP for Winchester at the next general election.

Two new MP's will be chosen as the constituency is split into two it has been revealed.

Jockey gets horsey with headbutt

A jockey was caught on camera doing a Zidane- like headbutt to his four legged friend at Stratford on Sunday.

26 year old Paul O'Neill has apologised for the sudden outbirst of violence calling it a 'stupid mistake.'

The incident happened as the jockey was trying to mount his horse City Affair for the selling hurdle at the start of the race.

A ban is likely to be imposed on the Irishman for his folly as the Racing Channel revealed his vented frustration live.

But the Horse Racing Regulatory Authority last night said that contact with the horse was 'minimal.'

Reid unveils superplans for Immigration department

Current Home Secretary and Labour heavyweight has unveiled new plans to shake up what critics have called a 'mess' in the Home Office.

John Reid addressed MP's in the Commons saying he would introduce what he called 'embarkation' measures once introduced by the Tories in 1994 to clean up the confusion and state of Immigration in the country.

Tighter controls

This would include tougher security at Britain's border controls as well as ensuring that passports were checked to monitor who has entered and left Britain.

Golf Ace lifts Open title for second time

US Golf wizard Tiger Woods has romped home to win the 2006 Open Championship in Hoylake, Liverpool, writes Chris Gaynor.

The tournament favourite produced a staggering round of 66 to finish 18 under for the championship.

Two shots behind him was Chris Di Marco as Tiger had displayed what supporters described as 'clinical golf' all week.

Prezza dogged by mocking media

Former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith once described the relationship between politicians and the press as that of 'sailor and the sea.'

Since the Prescott story broke a few weeks ago, the cling on Deputy Prime Minister has been dogged by the mocking media.

Shocked Apprentice star to become mum

Apprentice glamour girl hired by Sir Alan Sugar is pregnant it was claimed yesterday.

Michelle Dewberry, 26, is six months pregnant and the father is reported to be her on and off screen love rogue , Syed who also starred in the show.

Ms Dewberry who battled rival Wolverhampton based Ruth Badger only started working for Sir Alan in June after being crowned the Apprentice in May.

Sources close to the mum to be, claim she is shocked and claims this was not how she planned her new start.

Prescott to receive 'slapped wrist' in corruption row

Cling on Deputy Primeminister, John Prescott is expected to get a dressing down from the parliamentary sleaze watchdog.

The Commons Standards and Privileges Committee is expected to offer him a 'mild rebuke' for not declaring his all expenses paid trip to a multi millionaire's US ranch.

But the remit of the committee will not investigate whether he had broken the ministerial code of conduct.