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Firm launches new product aimed at youngsters

Condom makers Durex were criticised yesterday for launching their new product in Germany aimed at 14 year olds.

The criticism came as the British owned conpany were marketing the product in Germany where the age of consent is much younger, 14.

Advertisements for the new product have described adolescents as 'little devils.'

The new condom aimed for boys uses thinner rubber and different contours which makes it easier for boys to put it on.

sizzling summer or cool getaway?

'We're all going on a Summer holiday. No more working for a week or two.'

This is the tune that the Politicians will be singing as the longly awaited summer recess kicks off.

In there case three months until the eagerly awaited Party Conference season. Lucky them.

Ice creams and barbecues all around?

As the searing heat lingers over  all of us - where might our elected representatives be heading to this summer? Brighton Pier? Lake District?

TUC Splashes out on cool advice

A campaign urging British employers to cool down their employees' amid the rising heatwave was launched today.

The TUC's 'Cool Work' campaign is based on a Japanese model where employees were encouraged to dress down at their place of work.

Japanese Prime Minister, Junichiro Koizumi was boasted to have ripped off his tie urging his country's workforce to copy him.

While the body is not advocating that all employee's turn up in beach wear, they are urging employers' to be flexible during the heatwave.

By's all gone Bushy

The G8 is in full swing and the world leaders are demonstrating their charisma, or lack of it for all things hip hoppy.

George Bush, that Texas Ranger (Cowboy of the Wild West) has been shooting his mouth off again.

But this time it's not been 'Go Get 'em folks, Yee Ha.'

Bush and Blair's initmate exchange, unaware it was being recorded ,appears to be two rudeboys talking gangsta rap with Bush appearing to be in touch with Ali G from 'da Staines Massif, yer.'

Yo Bush fancy coming down to Staines and hanging out with the so solid crew?

PM's wife embroiled in contracts scandal

Human Rights Lawyer and wife to the  PM was mired in controversy for allegedly helping a personal confidante obtain lucrative NHS contracts it emerged last night.

Cherie Blair, well known for dabbling in political matters, is claimed to have arranged meetings between directors of private medical firms and Downing Streets top health advisor.

PM slams Media for meddling in investigation

Primeminister Tony Blair has defended the allegations regarding the cash for peerages and slammed media for meddling in investigations today.

On the BBC's politics show, defiant Tony said that he knew nothing regarding the current situation but admitted that rules may have to be changed.

Party funding may have to be partly funded by the taxpayer he suggests.

He also claims to be standing by the cling on Deputy Primeminister John Prescott, who has lately been embroiled in controversial allegations such as alleged affairs and Cowboy gifts.

World Cup, cold turkey?

Anyone suffering from lack of football?

I must confess waking up last Monday morning realising that the World Cup wasn't on bought a lone tear to my eye!

What was even more painful was coming in after a gruelling days work, only to find that the evening was confined to nothing more than listening to the news and hearing about Zidane's bust up with Materazzi.

Football, like anything can become addictive.

But ,as they say a little bit of a bad thing can do you no harm! Within reason!

Oh well, we havent got long to wait as the Premiership starts soon.

Blair's close ally arrested in cash for peerages row

A close friend and political ally of the Primeminister  was arrested over the cash for peerages row today.

Lord Levy, 61, chief fundraiser to the Labour Party was arrested by police and later released on bail.

Critics from all political pursuasions  have been pouncing on the scandal that comes on a day when Blair was under scrutiny in the Commons at Primeministers Questions from Cameron regarding police mergers and Prescott's Cowboy act.

Alex Salmond claims that the 'water is lapping around at the PM's feet.'

Nation shocked as wonder coach resigns

Italian wonder coach who gave Italy the crown as World Champions resigned today.

Marcello Lippi, 58, who hoisted Italy to World Cup glory on Sunday, beating the French on penalties has dramatically announced he is standing down.

The speculation is that Lippi may return to club football as he leaves the Italian nation shocked by the announcement.

Lippi took over as Italian coach in 2004, but  refused to sign a further two year contract.

Italian Job Well Done