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Pink legend dies peacefully

Cambridge legend and once front man of the band Pink Floyd has 'died peacefully' it emerged this week.

The troubled and reclusive Syd Barrett, whose talent was overshadowed by fame and drugs went into hiding for 35 years.

Guitarist Barrett, 60, died from a diabetes related illness as a spokesman said he died peacefully.

Living members of the Pink Floyd crew, David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Roger Waters are all claimed to be 'very upset' by the sudden death of Barrett.

Soap Queen quits Albert Square

Soap queen Pauline Fowler is to quit Eastenders it emerged yesterday.

The popular TV pin up Wendy Richard announced the move after serving 21 years living in Albert Square.

In a dramatic exit planned at Christmas, Pauline will no longer don her pinny as she has been one of the longest serving characters from the show.

An end to biology as we know it?

Scientists from a leading university could make fathers a thing of the past it emerged yesterday.

Experts at Newcastle University have been breeding mice from sperm grown in a laboratory.

Seven mice were used in the experiment where sperm was grown from embryonic stem cells.

Six of the mice lived well into adulthood, but had difficulties with breathing as well as being either too skinny or over weight.

Minister interferes in ethical row

A 62 year old woman who gave birth last week to a bouncing baby boy was mired in controversy yet again at the weekend. 

Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt has waded into the row over the ethicalness of older mothers having children and seems to be lending her support to the new mum, Patti Farrant.

Mrs Farrant, a Psychiatrist, decided to undergo fertility treatment abroad in order make her husband, John, 61, a proud father.

Proud parents, Patti and John, are said to be thrilled and describe Baby JJ as 'absolutely gorgeous.'

Lippi's men on top of the world

Chris Gaynor

Italy scraped through to lift the World Cup trophy!

The team won a nailbiting penalty shootout 5 -3,   where the Italian  spot kicks were taken with ease.

Marcello Lippi's men, normally nervy with penalties managed to hold themselvestogether, to prove their critics wrong.

In an extradorinary incident, Captain Zinnedine Zidane, headbutted Italian player Marco  Materazzi in the chest, which may well be investigated by FIFA's ruling body.

Ride em Cowboy -YEE HA

It's official! the British public have woken up and smelt the coffee over the shambles and choas that was once described as  the saviour of British politics, the Labour Party!

Like a beautifully ornately wrapped Christmas present, inside, it is now hollow and empty.

In a BPIX Poll 70% of voters have labelled John Prescott, the once whiter than white man of New Labour, a 'buffoon.'

This must be music to every Tory supporter's ears as, if a general election was called tommorrow, the Tory's would be firmly installed back in no 10 Downing Street, with Cameron at the helm.

Esher's Bear gets makeover!

An Esher pub  had a complete makeover last month, writes Chris Gaynor.

The Bear, part of the Youngs Brewery  has  been   transfromed   into a modern state-of-the-art public house  to fit  the new millenium.

Complete with  plush  furniture, kicking ambience, and eye catching clientelle, it has become a must visit attraction for Esher residents.

Former Tory leader gets all sweaty

Chris Gaynor

A   senior Conservative politician  was grilled by  would-be journalists at a training college in London  on Wednesday.

noSWeat, based in Clerkenwell hosted the event, as former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith made a high profile visit to talk about 'politicians and the press.'

Two blows for two jags Prezza

More Drama, more scandals than an episode of Coronation Street or Eastenders - Two Jags Prezza is back in town!

This time, the cling on Deputy Prime Minister is embroiled in more controversy and yet more allegations regarding affairs, conflicts of interest.

Controls, what controls?

A select committee has slammed PM Tony Blair over the current  government's population policy!

The Commons Liaison Committee, headed by Senior MP Tony Wright, has said that not having a proper debate and clear policy on the issue could fuel right wing extremists.

Mr Blair responded by saying that the UK had a migration policy but no 'population policy.'  He was also grilled by members claiming that Eastern European migrants were putting a strain on the public services.