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Success or Failure - can you hack it?

England crashed out of the World Cup losing 3-1 on penalties to Portugal on Saturday.

Developments since then have been the resignation of David Beckham as captain, who may well pass the arm band to Chelsea favourite John Terry.

The Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney affair heats up - or is it just media meddling?

Sven has apologised profusely for not taking England any further in the competition.

For many people, England crashing out of the World Cup, will be a huge relief and respite from all the spin of the past three weeks.

David Brent - you must be joking!

Punch n Judy politics is back with a BANG!

David Cameron's latest attack on teflon Tony is to label him as the 'David Brent of the Office just lazing around.

Super Dave has been quiet of late - like a tiger waiting to pounce on his prey at the right moment - and his time has come.

David Brent, watch out as you may have competition from a redudant PM soon!

There have been many TV programmes satirising the work or lack of it done in Downing Street. Rory Bremner, Dead Ringers and that 80's Spitting Image.

blood on the frontbenches

Turncoats within the Labour party were quite difficult to spot in the early days of the New labour spin machine. Everyone was loyal to each other and everyone else was loyal to anyone who supported the ethos.

But now I sense descension in the ranks - not just from the top but the bottom. It seems that ex senior cabinet members smell a whiff of blood and as Shakespeare wrote many plays about the corruption of power, Ex Home secretary Charles Clarke must be thinking, 'is that a dagger I see before me? the handle toward my hand?'

Nanny G knows best?

AS FATHERS DAY is fast approaching, it seems the government have decided to splash out on a special advice pack for existing fathers and fathers to be with a special Dad pack which apparently says that the best way for dads to play with their kids is to take them down the park!

Would you like me to be the....?

Four men and a little lady.... ! That was the set up for this weeks edition of Question Time, hosted and chaired by that pussy cat of broadcasters David Dimbleby, writes Chris Gaynor.

On his panel this week was Big Brothers very own pussy cat George Galloway.

The House of Cons

It's a great life being a trainee journalist.   You get to travel, you get to meet new people, you get to challenge authority.

A recent trip to the House of Commons (or as my title suggested 'House of Cons ' ) proved to me why politicians love power.

They're under starter's orders.....

The race to succeed JP seems to be kicking off. Their under starters orders and their OFF!

In the running is the favourite and newly appointed Home Secretary who said he would work 18 hour days to solve the fiascos in the Home Office.

coming up the rear is Jack Straw (the demon headmaster) who was BLAIR'S right hand man during the IRAQ war but got it horribly wrong with the DODGY DOSSIER.

Pete, do that dance again...

It seems to be taking the nation by storm. What am i talking about?  Not the World Cup as you would expect, although we are reaching fever pitch as CHAPS, only 9 DAYS to go until the tournament kicks off!

Peter Crouches celebratory goal on tuesday when he scored the last goal to help England secure a 3 - 1 win against Hungary seems to be winning the hearts and minds of everyone. You dont have to be a footie fan to understand why?

Imagine Prezza homeless

And so it's final....PREZZA has given up his grace and favour all expenses paid luxury countryside manor. And about time too.

Oh well, atleast he wont be able to do a Cherie Blair and kit it out in fancy new leather sofas and carpets etc...and spend more of the taxpayers hard earned cash. MONEY that literally has gone down the drain!

'Who fancies a curry?' gaff

Bruce Forsyth. That entertainer/ charmer has gone and done it again.

It was reported that at a student comedy gig his show was interupted by the dreaded mobile phone. Who was it? Well as with all great comedians - the answer is to use it as part of a gag. But this time the gag horribly backfired.

He asked which persons phone was ringing and it was from a young indian girl.

He then answered the phone and mocked we will all see you later for a curry - the poor woman on the other end happened to be the young girls mother.