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It's all in the beautiful game

The countdown to the world cup is drawing ever closer and those famous words 'come on england' will be singing from every rooftop, living room and public house in the land.

But spare a thought a moment my friends! or should i say spare a thought for the girlfriends, wives or mistresses every where. Since we are living in a world of upside down topsy turvy gender reversals, perhaps women will shouting harder than the men - but, there are still a handful of women i know,  who wont be remotely interested in how england do in the tournament.

The lazy bugger

It's a weekday afternoon, and your hard at work, or meant to be, but not if your the deputy prime minister.

John Prescott has become an istitution for satire. First we had two jags. Then there was 'two shags.' Now, it seems he is 'two slacks.'

Bearded man on the up

Chris Gaynor

Questions always come in two's!

'To be or not to be?

To live or not to live?

Who remembers Noel's House Party? A classic piece of Saturday evening entertainment from the bearded man himself with a man dressed in a pink suit with blobbs all over his body.

It wasn't me guv!

It wasn't me guv! How often do we here this phrase in society? From top to bottom, and even in our own lives we all fail to take the blame for something that was patently our own making.

The classic example is the recent Home Office fiasco. Teflon Tony had to get rid of Charles Clarke in order to put the 'house' in order as all was not well in the Home Office.