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What have the government got to hide?

Beginner's guide to blogging: part two

This is part two of my series on how to blog properly, which I have been invited to write for the blog fleetstreetblues all this week. Defining a blog

How to blog effectively

This week, I've been invited by the team over at Fleetstreetblues blog to write a series on how to blog effectively. This includes brief articles on how to set up a blog, build traffic to a website, how to monetize a site and why bloggers should become experts in a niche, rather than just reporters.

Top hacks rally behind brave Breen

Top politicians, hacks, and human rights campaigners have turned out to support the journalist under threat from jail over her expose on the real IRA.

Get me the bucket, please?


Sticking to their seats like glue

++++++++++BREAKING NEWS+++++++++++ Margaret Beckett up for Speaker role

Why are Scots snubbing Whisky?

MP Sandra Gidley twitters: "Shock revelation! More vodka drunk in Scotland than whisky. Half of Scotsmen exceed safe drinking guidelines each week."

Choice for 2010 clear, PM claims

PMQs Review: Gordon was on defensive over electoral reform in PMQs today. The Tory leader accused Brown of fixing the voting system to suit him. It's not an outrageous attack to make. "12 years of Labour and not a squeak on electoral reform, and now when the polls are down, suddenly electoral reform is on the agenda, " said Cameron. The detail comes later on when Brown makes a statement.

PM returns to bunker to fight another day

Will he sink or swim this week?