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Flint strop over cabinet job snub

Why should we pay for town hall churnalism?

RIDDLE ME THIS: Why should taxpayers pay a council press officer more than  £25, 000 per annum, plus a healthy public sector pension to churn out press release news from the council(which generally bleets out how good they are) This comes as local newspaper trainee journalists earn a ghastly  £15K/annum, generally with a limited pension, and up to 17K, if they're lucky? Not to mention on top of that the cost of training for further senior glory.

Who's the trouble maker then?

So who's been plotting to oust GORDON BROWN via email? BEEB political Nick Robinson knows, but didn't want to say on Today programme. Sky News suspect it is Charles Clarke, the staunch Blairite and foe to GORDON. But that is rumour. Could the trouble maker be a Brownite closer to home?..Remember the saying in hit mob film The Godfather, 'keep your friends close, your enemies closer'....

Lame Ducks Looked Worried

That 'killer' election is coming

TRUST good old Deputy Labour leader Harriet Harman to deny that the 'wheels' of government are crumbling. Her denial comes as Home secretary Jacqui Smith has announced she will quit. Harman was on a news radio programme this afternoon defending Jacqui Smith's record as Home secretary, and said Smith had examined her conscience when deciding to quit. Harman added that Smith had been a great Home secretary.

Hit the road fellas, you're wasted in Europe

Help Keep The Post Public

NEXT MONTH, June 9, the group COMPASS, a centre left Think Tank will be leading a rally in Westminster from 6pm, helping to keep the Royal Mail public. They say it might be the last chance to change the government's mind about part privatising Britain's public postal service. Sign up to the campaign HERE.

'Blogfather' launches new blog guide

Fury over Harrow MP's excuses

Ruthless Gekko to return

The ruthless, dogged financier Gordon Gekko, played by Michael Douglas, will return in a sequel to the 80s hit Wall Street.