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What could we have done to save Amy Winehouse?

Death is perhaps the one certainty in life. Most of us think that our eventual demise will be in the distant future.

The joker 'healer' with the Midas touch

“With Jesus everything is a piece of cake”. The words of self-proclaimed,  evangelical “miracle” worker Melvin Banks, as he addressed a crowd of 40, mostly Black African women, at the Life For The World Christian Centre, in Peckham, south east London at the weekend.

X Factor jiggery-pokery

Last week's X Factor reality programme final on ITV1 was memorable for all the wrong reasons. Billed as the talent showdown of the year, the three contestants reeked of mediocrity rather than star quality.   Eoghan, the spiky-haired  'cherub' from Ireland, Black R n B group JLS and the wailing wannabe diva Alexandra Burke failed to impress much like a cheap bottle of flat champaign.   

Lets talk Forum

The-Latest Forum section provides a great opportunity for Latest.Comers to initiate a discussion on almost any topic with fellow members. It's your space to write about what has irked or moved you, left you inspired or simply gobsmacked. The current debate:  'Has the increasing Islamification of Britain created no-go areas for non-Muslims?' provoked a searing response from contributor Maliha Hayat- see her article  'Muslims aren't the cause of  'no-go' areas in UK', which appears on the front page of the site.

Guess what? The Home Office is broke...

Deborah Hobson

Ten thousand passports handed out to bogus applicants, including alleged prominent Al Qaeda members. Dangerous foreign criminals on the run in Britain. A state of panic over asylum seekers.

Wolves In Sheep's Clothing

If anyone was in any doubt about the duplicitous nature of the Liberal Democrat Party they would do well to take a closer look at what it does with power, entrusted to them by a misguided and beguiled public, at local council level. In fact, events earlier this year which struck at the heart of the Liberal Democrat leadership, unmasked the backstabbing, disloyal trait of a political machine desperate to achieve tangible influence at Westminster and in the country, at any cost.

Progressive March Of Citizen Journalism

The concept of citizen journalism and its part in the media ‘ecosystem’ is still misconstrued by those who believe that sites like the UK 's pioneering The-Latest.Com and the successful South Korean based OhmyNews  have been constructed as an alternative to mainstream news outlets. At The-Latest our brave challenge has been to give representation to a wider set of views, opinions and comments that the mainstream media would rather not address because of timidity and in the case of some newspapers, the narrow political agenda set by their powerful proprietors.