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In proud association....adverts, spending money and New Statesman

 "Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need".

Tyler Durden, Fight Club

booze and girls

On Saturday night, home alone and fed up with revising Comprehensive Service Assessments and Compulsory Purchase Orders, I decided to go round my flatmate’s girlfriend’s house in search of feminine comfort and company.

Most of us had been out together the night before and I think we were all in the same state of mind: that weird, alcohol-induced place which lies as close to being miserable as you can get without actually having any reason to be sad. Self-indulgent, I suppose.

Reflections on Eight Months in London Part 2: manners

When I was a kid, right up to about 12 months ago actually, I always swore I'd never move to London. Whenever I'd jump of the train at Euston I'd immediately be struck with just how busy and rude everyone was. People seemed stressed and bad-mannered for the sake of it.

Reflections on Eight Months in London Part 1: there ain't enough chickens in the world

It's been over eight months since I moved to London now. I love it up here. So much to do, so much to see. And did you know London is the only place in the world where you're never further than 30cms from a fried chicken restaurant?

Why so many?

The Da Vinci Code

Last night I went to see The Da Vinci Code in the hope that I could then pretend I'd read it in an effort to stop people trying to explain it to me when I say I haven't. I want two and half hours of my life back.

why not ask the audience?

While we all moan about the state of TV on a Saturday night, I'd hereby like to give a big thank you to the New Kings of Light Entertainment, Messrs Blair and Brown. Now that Ant and Decs' youthful charms are starting to wane, it seems the government has stepped in to produce their natural heirs.


And so I throw myself headfirst into blogging. It is, they say, where journalism is heading. I dont know if I agree with those who think this heralds a brand new age of democratic control of information, or those who think its going to give a whole load of nutters a much bigger say, but the flow of ideas can't be much less democratic than it is already, and the people in charge of it can't be much less nutty, so here goes.