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Gutshot Diaries #2

Ladies & Gentleman, welcome one and all to the most amazing of transformations. Before you, you see a great big fish, a man so bad at poker he was knocked out of a Gutshot £5 rebuy tournament before anyone else. Now watch and you won't believe youe eyes for in a mere blink he is transforemed from zero to hero. Watch as he reads John Duffy's(1) bluff perfectly and takes the majortity of his chips. Be amazed as he knocks out Irish poker pro Jack Black with another great read. Gasp as he kicks the collective arses of over 200 of Europe's best poker players to reach the final table.

Poker Diaries #1

My name is Adam O'Connell and I am a poker player. Forgive the AA style introduction, most people I know would begin with something like... how old they are, what they did for a living, that they liked cats perhaps, however poker players are not like most people. Most people would not like to spend hours staring at cards, not talking and risking large amounts of money, which quite frankly you will surely lose.