blood on the frontbenches

Turncoats within the Labour party were quite difficult to spot in the early days of the New labour spin machine. Everyone was loyal to each other and everyone else was loyal to anyone who supported the ethos.

But now I sense descension in the ranks - not just from the top but the bottom. It seems that ex senior cabinet members smell a whiff of blood and as Shakespeare wrote many plays about the corruption of power, Ex Home secretary Charles Clarke must be thinking, 'is that a dagger I see before me? the handle toward my hand?'

Former loyal Home Secretary Charles Clarke, smells blood! In a recent scathing attack on Teflon Tony, Charlie slams him for making the decision to be axed regarding the foreign criminals fiasco, but also claims that Blair has lost a 'sense of purpose and direction!' At present it is difficult to know which direction the labour party are going, let alone what direction Tony is going! Tony's direction is clear! to milk the delights of power and let Gordon tackle the problems left by him! Tony is cute, like a cat that has got the cream, licking his lips knowing that he gets a healthy pension when he steps down and maybe a peerage. Cheap at the price.

So, what will Mr Teflon make of Charlie Brown's outspoken comments? If I was Tony, I would be doing what I do best! do nothing, and weather the storm, because every cloud has a silver lining, and that is enjoying retirement in old age with the wicked witch of the east!

Charlie Brown, you can go back to sleep on the back benches now! You have eaten too much Roast Beef!