Blue is the colour...Green is the vision

Would be Prime Minister and Tory Leader David Cameron has made his pitch for Britain's top job in sunny Bournemouth today. With a powerful speech to the party faithful the young hopeful set out his agenda and vision for the Party to lead Britain into the 21st Century. As his wife and shadow colleagues sat clapping his new direction, he told the conference delegates about his vision for the family, terrorism, the NHS and what drives him in politics. He said: 'Tony Blair came to power with a vision of three words, 'Education, Education, Education. I can summarise mine in three letters, N...H...S.' The party faithful gave him a standing ovation and clapped up his speech at key defining moments. He also said that there was no turning back to the past and said that, for Britain, 'The best was yet to come.' Whilst Tony Blair has been touring the television studios of Blue Peter, Mr Cameron claimed he had been making an impact on the real issues that matter to Britain. There was also mention of scrapping the Human Rights legislation in favour of a British Bill of Rights. But Cameron's new vision is cautious on the side of lower taxes. When commenting on the Goverment's record he claimed that they had done some good, but where they were imperfect they would oppose. The skies have turned blue again in Bournemouth and the Tories end the conference on a high. The road to success is long, hard and patient, Mr Cameron echoed, but it's a start.