'Boozy' Bishop fights back at critics

The Boozy Bishop of Southwark has struck back at his critics who accused him of leaving a Christmas Party stone drunk. Reverend Tom Butler has scorned his critics claiming that the black eye he suffered after leaving a party at the Irish Embassy in Hyde Park Corner had been down to a mugger. He lost his briefcase and mobile phone. Eyewitnesses claim that they saw the reverend prancing around in a BMW car, throwing toys around claiming 'He was The Bishop of Southwark that's what I do.' But he claims that his behaviour was totally 'out of character' and that he was not drunk when leaving the party. He claims he is suffering from amnesia and remembers very little of the night 5th December. Calls for him to resign were rejected as the 'Boozy Bishop' as he is now known to be called says this is 'not a resigning matter.' But it is not a laughing matter for the reverend. He said: 'I don't get drunk very often. I wouldn't be able to do my job if I was drunk.'