British MP Simon Hughes' voting shenanigans exposed

Years of lies and hypocrisy during UK coalition government rule have left Member of Parliament Simon Hughes a "social democratic husk" -  and an ideal candidate to join the government! Here’s a run-down of duplicity from the new minister of state for justice:

  • Calling stealth privatisation in the Health Bill “unacceptable” … then voting for it at every stage
  • Lying about abstaining on parliamentary votes affecting housing rights for thousands of his constituents
  • Applauding gay marriage at Lib Dem conference … after abstaining during third reading citing his religious views
  • Saying that the benefit cap should be dropped … after voting with the Tories for it
  • Telling the Commons that councils should have planning powers to restrict betting shops … then voting against such a measure
  • Claiming difficulties during the London riots “demonstrated the case against cuts” to the police … then voting to cut police numbers.
  • Calling for the NHS Risk Register to be published, then saying “governments are entitled to resist requests for information”
  • And, of course, saying that he wouldn’t take a government job … and then taking one.

Hughes has behaved like a man who doesn’t realise that parliamentary votes are recorded.

UPDATE: Some more examples from readers …

  • Saying of the bedroom tax: “it is not practical to insist that people move if there is nowhere for them to move to” … and then voting to keep it.
  • Repeatedly voting to reduce local authority budgets … then claiming that councils’ cuts were “politically motivated”
  • As a closet bisexual man, being elected to parliament off the back of the most notoriously homophobic campaign in British political history.

* This story first appeared on Political