The Cable Plan

vince2 WHETHER you regard the Lib Dem economic spokesman Vince the Cable as a national iconic economic guru, or just another politician who likes to talk the talk (and not walk the walk) is neither here nor there. But, if he were actually placed in 'real' power, would he not just keel over into a little ball and give in like so many so called talented finance ministers have before them, (I'm thinking of one Gordon Brown). The truth remains that the Lib Dems would be nothing without brand Cable (he did a good job on journalist Andrew Neil's Straight Talk trumping up his leader Nick Clegg, of course.) - Cable is the driving force of Lib Dem policy and direction. From the interview on Straight Talk with Andrew Neil the journalist, who likes to 'ruffle a few feathers' himself, Cable certainly had a hard time trying to shrug off the dogged questioning that HE was the man at the centre of the Lib Dems - whether they accept his policy proposals next week at the Lib Dem conference, we will wait and see. If you're in doubt over financial matters, you can always call on Vince to do or say the right thing at the time, (time being the operative word). He's apparently the man with the master Lib Dem plan. Said it before, and will say it again, Cable is wasted in a Party that is going nowhere... You can watch Straight Talk HERE.
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