Call your leader at Copenhagen summit to make a difference

Climate change campaigners have launched an online initiative to get millions of people in the European Union to contact their leaders at the United Nations summit in Copenhagen.

Avaaz,  a civic activitism organisation that operates in 13 languages, is using Facebook to spread the word about how numbers can be found to  telephone heads of government.  An Avaaz spokesman urged members of the site to “call and ask for one of your leader’s climate change staff”. 

Advice is given on what to say when you get through on the phone, as well as a comments form to share details of the call with other Avaaz members. 

Avaaz suggests that talking points for EU calls include: 

1. The Copenhagen talks risk collapsing already. European leaders must do all you can to rescue a real deal. Become active dealmakers. Rebuild trust with poorer countries by offering fairer and more ambitious proposals.

2. Offer real money for climate finance this week. Say specifically how much the EU will contribute by 2020. Identify new funding sources like aviation and shipping revenues. Increase the global figure to a more credible €135bn — on top of aid promises already made.

3. Strengthen Europe’s emission targets, making real cuts of 30 per cent-40 per cent, and stop relying on loopholes, offsets and accounting tricks. To be fit for the future, Europe needs transformative investment in low-carbon recovery. Otherwise we will fall behind.

*The video shows Avaaz climate change campaigners in action in Copenhagen this week.

Here are some of the telling comments from Avaaz members- ordinary citizens from around the world who took up the challenge to call their heads of government:

As long as Western governments continue to talk in terms of perpetual economic growth and increasing consumption, they cannot address the problems of climate change. Their corporate greed is totally at odds with a sustainable future - have phoned Brown, Miliband and Mandelson but they don't get it!


In order to have a rich point of view, I think we all have to know this (in EN and ES):

Alberto Salvia Novella

Are you doing your best to save this planet. is that what you'll say in years to come. We did our best? Will it be true. is that what you'll tell your grand children, or will todays world leaders be the hate figures of the futures last generations.

Malcolm Camp

Phoned at 15.05 10/12/09. Left a message.  Hope it doesn’t fall on deaf ears. Well done to everyone who’s trying to do something at AVAAZ and individuals worldwide.

Liz Hall

WE MUST NOT FAIL! Someone here had said it is the responsibility of our leaders and they are to blame, but we are all to blame if we don't do something now! We HAVE to do something as a COLLECTIVE before governments will even act, the power has to come from the people and Governments are doing all they can to make us feel powerless but we must challenge that now before we really do become powerless. All the time, with bad news and lies about wars on terror ( more like war for OIL) , is keeping us in a state of emergency and dependency which is what the governments of the world want, in order to control us. We can stop global warming but we need to be STRONG and LOUD and MANY. There are plenty of greedy and profligate people in this world who would like us to be silenced.

Rebecca Mackay

Ii also called the UK's climate change line and left a message. Very concerned - UK and EU need to show real leadership to secure a meaningful deal, with Fair Ambitious and Binding targets.


Called G. Brown's climate change line. Left a brief message. There is an awful lot of work to be done if we are to stop the Copenhagen talks from failing, which is looking likely! Chin up everyone!

Avie Vasili

Arrêtez de faire des comptes d'apothicaires. Les réparations des dégâts causés par les catastrophes climatiques coûteront beaucoup plus cher au monde entier que l'investissement dans les énergies renouvelables maintenant !


Message envoyé par mail à la Présidence de la République. En espérant à ce que ca contribue à faire craquer le serveur ;-)


The slavery was one of the insult to the human nation, the other one is what hapenning now! there are still some people who don't want to understand, it's up to us, to force them by our boycott. There's a power in each of us, I belive in humans.


If you go vegetarian you will save the world for our children & the animals. Must feel good!

Joyce de Leeuw

Cannot believe the hypocrisy of Berlusconi´s cabinet... >Napolitano´s responsibility? Unbelievable


Mesdames, Messieurs, Mégalomanes ce qu'aujourd'hui vous vous refusez de faire, demain vos enfants pourraient vous le reprocher. Pensez à eux aussi!


I just called Silvio Berlusconi and what hi secratary told me that its not Berlusconi's job to take care of these things, but Napolitano at Quirinale.

Lina Zdruli

Do not waste this precious opportunity to save our planet!!!!! Bickering about money and business and who is doing more than someone else is a disgraceful waste of POWER you are our representatives and WE WANT CHANGE NOW.

Christine Wilson