The Cat is

Cling on Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott claimed last week after standing in for Tony Blair at Prime Minister's Question Time, that: 'the honeymoon period for the right honourable gentleman is over really.' In a poll for the Sunday Telegraph, compiled by Frank Luntz, an American polling expert, the results suggest that the Tory leader who celebrates his first year anniversary in power next week is receiving overwhelming enthusiasm from floating voters. Mr Luntz, who first identified Mr Cameron as a potential winner claims that undecided voters are warming to the fiesty Tory leader. But Luntz warns that Cameron must go further than just good PR and publicity and become a 'leader, rather than just a brand.' This will be music I'm sure to Tory HQ as the Tory leader has been putting himself about in the public eye from everything from Iraq to 'shovelling proper food down our gullets.' Liberal Democrat and Labour voters appear to be more in tune to Cameron's message of cuteness, but when it comes to crime and security, tough nosed bruiser John Reid appears to be winning the battle. Luntz claims that the sceptics most sceptical about chameleon Dave are old fashioned Tories who were not impressed by his 'Hug a Hoodie' campaign. Sitting on the sofa this Sunday, the polls should be very pleasing for the Ex PR man of Carlton Communications. Now it is phase two of the Cameron machine. But for now, the cat is literally,