CJET Street Photographer of the Year winners

We’re proud to announce the result of our wonderful competition that attracted thousands of participants from around the world. Thanks to The-Latest.Com, the Citizen Journalism Educational Trust, Time Out and Olympus.

It is the first time ever that the title “Street Photographer of the Year” has been awarded in the UK to a citizen journalist using a mobile phone. The winner is young tech whizz Kheoh Yee Wei, who lives in Leeds. His prize, on top of the street photographer title, is the state of the art Olympus LS-20M camcorder.

One of the judges, Eamonn McCabe, the renowned and award-winning press photographer, said: “The quality of entrants was surprisingly so good it was really hard to choose a winner. Kheoh’s entry stood out as a result of the wonderful characters he cleverly captured with his mobile phone.”


Kheoh-Yee-Wei - WinnerClick image for full view

Kheoh Yee Wei

Kheoh said: “It’s fantastic to win this unique title and such a wonderful prize that I can use to make citizen journalism videos in future.”

Aged 23, Kheoh is originally from "a peaceful small town” called Taiping in Malaysia. He lives in Leeds and where he graduated in electronics and nanotechnology engineering at the city's university. He not long ago started work at a nanotechnology company called p2i.

Kheoh said: "Although I had to spent most of my time studying while at university, I would always take my camera with me whenever I went out. I reserved some exclusive times for photographing in places I had never been before to capture photos like my winning image in this competition."

Describing his extraordinary winning photograph, he said: "The mum and her child in the image were strolling on the streets of a neighbourhood in Leeds, passing by a family that was having a barbecue at that time. It turns out that they had a huge dog that kept jumping-up in excitement. That was when I knew I had to stop and capture a candid street photograph out of the interplay between the excited dog and other elements you can see in the image."


Pete Smith - Runner upClick image for full view

Pete Smith

Pete SmithPete Smith is 42-years-old and came second in the competition. He said: "That is wonderful news. My two favourite photos from the 12 finalists were Kheoh's and Daniel's so to be in between them is a real honour.”

Pete, who works in the production department for media company Hearst UK said: "I didn’t get into photography seriously until October 2010 when I discovered the Street Photography Now group on Flickr photography sharing website. I felt it was something I could really get involved in and street photography has become a real passion and since then I have been constantly learning.”

Commenting on his competition image, Pete said: "The shot I entered for the competition came about when I spotted the girl on the “Boris” bike at some traffic lights on Oxford Street (London). She looked so determined but at the same time petrified – it was a real chance moment and luckily I was able to capture it on my phone because it’s always on me."

Highly Commended

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Daniel Holland

Daniel Holland is 31-year-old former brewery worker, who lives in Bromley, London, now spends his time doing amateur photography. He said: "I've been photographing the city for a few years now, mainly on my iPhone but also a Canon G11 when I have it with me.”

“I studied photography in college but didn’t pick up a camera again until I moved to London which was about 10 years later.”

Daniel, who was highly commended for his third place in the Street Photographer of the Year competition, said: "The image I submitted was taken on a Sunday morning near my house in Bromley. I think the elderly gentleman in the photo spends a lot of time in that café where he’s pictured. He seemed very comfortable in it. There were quite a lot of people causing noise outside which he didn’t seem to approve of. I think his expression tells it all.”